Checking In

Wednesday weigh in was 221. I walked Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Saturday we did a Color-a-thon at Casey's school so by the end of the day I had logged 11,246 steps. On Sunday we did a hike with the kids so by the end of the day I had logged 12,600 steps. My average daily step count for the week was about 7,645 steps. My goal is 6,000 a day so I feel like activity-wise I did quite well. As for beer drinking, well I didn't do too great. I only got Monday and Tuesday. They can't all be winners. On the positive side, I did pretty well with my work meals and getting in all my fruits and veggies and water.

I walked on Monday. I did not walk yesterday because I had to go to the doctor but I got in 4168 steps. The thing about the steps is, I don't always carry my phone around so I have more than that but it's a good way to get an idea of my activity levels, I suppose. It's just not gospel. The scale said 222.2 which is up from last week but I am in the throws of PMS so I'm not overly concerned. I also indulged in a beer with my Taco Tuesday festivity last night and maybe had some ice cream so I'm not expecting any loss. Right? Reality. Yeah so the doctor. I had to go because I have had a pain in my side for about three weeks now. It could be walk related but Husband is a faux doctor that works at a hospital and he mentioned it might be gall stones so I got worried and went to the doctor despite not really wanting to. I go for a blood panel soon but I'm going to skip the ultrasound because the urinalysis they did yesterday didn't show anything too fishy and the pain isn't awful, just annoying. Something neat though? When I went to her in September, my blood pressure was 117/86 and yesterday it was much better at 99/62. So maybe this movement and beer cutback is actually helping in more important ways than the scale.

Well, I think I'm just going to keep going! I have been doing this challenge for a little over a month and I am not upset about it one bit. I put my Britney Spears in my headphones and go for a nice walk during lunch that is helping me in many ways. I get to clear my head, move my body and enjoy some fresh air. It was fun getting rowdy and dirty with the kids this weekend and not feeling exhausted. I have a feeling my cholesterol will prove to be better just like my blood pressure. So that's that!

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