Weekend Pics!

Good Friday off work
So I'll play Haiku Catch Up
Such a fun weekend
Lots of time with kids
Lots of good food and good drink
I have a good life
Had some work BS
That made me think about things
Nice new perspective 

 Thursday night Casey tossing
 Friday pool playing
 Manicure by Lici Niecy
 Tits McGee with Baby Josie
 Family Brewery Time
 Dying eggs
 Not too shabby! 
 Easter baskets! 
 The aftermath of marshmallows for breakfast.
 Casey Bunny
 Christa Bunny
 She never lets this happen. Frilly socks and pretty shoes? TEEHEE!
When Bunjamin stands like this, it makes my life a better place.


Checking In

Wednesday weigh in was 221. I walked Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Saturday we did a Color-a-thon at Casey's school so by the end of the day I had logged 11,246 steps. On Sunday we did a hike with the kids so by the end of the day I had logged 12,600 steps. My average daily step count for the week was about 7,645 steps. My goal is 6,000 a day so I feel like activity-wise I did quite well. As for beer drinking, well I didn't do too great. I only got Monday and Tuesday. They can't all be winners. On the positive side, I did pretty well with my work meals and getting in all my fruits and veggies and water.

I walked on Monday. I did not walk yesterday because I had to go to the doctor but I got in 4168 steps. The thing about the steps is, I don't always carry my phone around so I have more than that but it's a good way to get an idea of my activity levels, I suppose. It's just not gospel. The scale said 222.2 which is up from last week but I am in the throws of PMS so I'm not overly concerned. I also indulged in a beer with my Taco Tuesday festivity last night and maybe had some ice cream so I'm not expecting any loss. Right? Reality. Yeah so the doctor. I had to go because I have had a pain in my side for about three weeks now. It could be walk related but Husband is a faux doctor that works at a hospital and he mentioned it might be gall stones so I got worried and went to the doctor despite not really wanting to. I go for a blood panel soon but I'm going to skip the ultrasound because the urinalysis they did yesterday didn't show anything too fishy and the pain isn't awful, just annoying. Something neat though? When I went to her in September, my blood pressure was 117/86 and yesterday it was much better at 99/62. So maybe this movement and beer cutback is actually helping in more important ways than the scale.

Well, I think I'm just going to keep going! I have been doing this challenge for a little over a month and I am not upset about it one bit. I put my Britney Spears in my headphones and go for a nice walk during lunch that is helping me in many ways. I get to clear my head, move my body and enjoy some fresh air. It was fun getting rowdy and dirty with the kids this weekend and not feeling exhausted. I have a feeling my cholesterol will prove to be better just like my blood pressure. So that's that!


When Life Hands You Lemons

I have a lemon tree and I have been using the heck out of our lemons on the following recipes so I thought I would share in case you too have a lemon tree.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
For the crust, combine:
1 cup butter
2 cups flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup of powdered sugar
Toss that around in your mixer until you have a nice crumble then pat it into a greased 13x9 pan. I prefer glass pans for this particular dessert.
Bake for 25 minutes.

For the top, combine:
4 eggs
2 cups sugar
6 tbsp lemon juice
4 tbsp flour
I whip this real nice in the blender and pour it on top of the crust once it's done baking. Put it all back in the oven for another 25 minutes and BOOM! Delicious dessert. Sprinkle powdered sugar on the top for panache.

Boil 1-3/4 cups of sugar with a cup of water to make a simple syrup.
Combine with 7 more cups of water and 1-1/2 cups of lemon juice.
I usually use a strainer to get the pulp out.
Husband loves this lemonade with a splash of cranberry concentrate.

Spring is HERE!


Weekend Pics

Boy did we do all the activities this weekend! Lots of outdoors and movement. WEE!
 Color-a-thon at Casey's school!
 My poor camera.
 The girls
My nephew the track star 
 Date night at Barrelhouse 101
 Whooping Husbands butt bowling at Discovery Ventura 
 Hiking and a picnic with the fam bam.
 Christa putting Betty to sleep. And then a selfie extravaganza before we all collapsed and had early bedtimes thanks to outdoor fun tymz all the live long day.


Haiku Friday

Cheers to the freakin'
Weekend. And I'll drink to that! 
Beer and I made up
Had one on Wednesday
I put a tear in my beer
After a rough day
Tied one on last night
Felt right for St. Paddy's Day
(I don't need reasons)


Checking In

Last Week
221 on the scale. I walked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I think Monday was a rainy day and Friday I had to go grocery shopping. I was very good about eating my good food at work and drinking all my water. I had a beer on Thursday night because I wanted one with my pizza. I'm only human. The good thing was, I had no desire for a second. Friday we had birthday cake at the office but I only had a small slice. Saturday I drank less beer than I normally would have because Husband was working. On Sunday, I tried to play catch-up and we kind of drank all day and honestly it felt like a chore? It just wasn't that fun or delicious and I don't know how to feel about that because beer is kind of my boyfriend and I don't want to break up.

This Week
221 on the scale so at least I didn't gain like I kind of thought I would. I ate my feelings yesterday and indulged in quite a few Rice Krispie treats at work. My coworker's girlfriend makes them with regular and cocoa Krispies, peanut butter Captain Crunch and peanut butter M&Ms. I mean, what the actual hell? On a good note, I walked Monday and my phone gave me a wee reward for having my fastest pace. Yesterday I had to use my lunch hour to meet a repairman at home so there was no time for walking. I will walk today though! And hopefully the rest of the week! I was proud of myself last night because we went out to dinner and I ordered the quite healthy choice of salmon and rice instead of some fried fish option with chips. Last Friday I bought all my healthy food and put it in the fridge so this week I would have no excuse to eat out so I've been pretty good with my work meals. I kind of like that plan because sometimes on the weekend I don't really get to the store and then I end up at McDonald's. Oh, McDonald's. I used to go at least once or twice a week and I haven't been in a month. That's neat right ?

Going Forward
Keep on keeping on! I have my walking gear here. I've got the meal plan down. Doing better about the beer and after work food choices. I can honestly say my consumption of sweets is at an all time low. I don't understand why the fat isn't just melting off but I'm not going to get discouraged. I am in a good frame of mind where I will not let a few Rice Krispie treats throw me into a shame spiral of indulgence. I'm not letting the scale bring me down. I like the way walking feels. I just need to be consistent and committed. Rome wasn't built in a day. Took me two years to put on 30 pounds, I imagine it's not going to fall off in a month.


Movie Review

First off, how good am I doing going to the movies again!? We hardly went now it's like once a month. Dang does that please me. An acquaintance invited us to a special private screening of Zootopia last Saturday that was a fundraiser for her daughter's Girl Scout troop. Because it was at 9 a.m. and I knew other people would be dragging all their children, I decided to take both of mine - on my own! - since Husband was on call. I consider this Christa's first movie because last time I took her to the theater she was just a silent, sleeping blob of a one-month old. In another "outside the box" move, I made it a play date with Casey's school friend, mom and sister. Neat right? Trying new things.
This special screening was unique in that there was not one preview so we jumped right into the movie; perfect for a crowd of squirmy children! Zootopia is about a country bunny who wants to be a police officer in the big city but no one really believes in her because she's just this tiny little thing destined to be gobbled up by a tough world full of predators. Because she's a determined bunny, she not only makes it onto the force, she also wants to be more than the meter maid they assign her to be. Her boss puts her on an impossible missing persons case so that she could fail and he could make her quit. She makes an unlikely ally with a sly, conman of a fox and they're on the job! And what a silly, twisty adventure it turned out to be.
There are a lot of very grown up jokes about things like bunnies that know how to multiply and a particularly silly scene at a nudist resort that were just so smart. The underlying themes of "race" (breed in this case?) dominance and drug use are subtle but they're definitely there. As adult as this cartoon could be at times, it was a very fun movie for the kids, too. Christa was entranced by the bunny and all the bright colors. She also got her dance on to Shakira's performance as a performing gazelle. Casey and his buddy Dylan were actually kind of afraid at times when the domesticated animals went wild. I particularly enjoyed the weasel named Duke Weselton that was a nod to Frozen's Duke of Weselton and Emmet Otterton that was a nod to Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas. Little things like that just give me so much joy. I highly recommend this movie. It was a hundred times better than the last Disney venture when we saw the not-so-good Good Dinosaur.


Weekend Pics

 Somebody got a haircut on Friday! 
 Dr. Christa has been quite concerned about the left pinky toe for some time.
 When Mom's lap is a recliner.
 Christa's 1st movie (well, technically 2nd but she was a month old).
 I totally make play dates with Casey's school friend's mom! HA!
 Picked up our works of art.
 Snuggle time with the bun makes Tutti squeal.
 He's over us.
 This makes my heart swell.
Tutti's piggies got pinked. SIIIIIGH.


Haiku Friday

Another week down
With few plans for the weekend
Rain in the forecast
Saturday movie
And Casey needs a haircut
Plus errands and chores
So much rush, rush, rush
That I feel the urge to chill
I doubt I will though



Casey had to do a presentation at school about dogs.
 He wrote this little bit about our dog, Betty.
 This big, barrel chested bitch is Betty.
Betty, who weighs about 65 pounds, thinks she is a lap dog.
She's a dog you love to hate and hate to love. I'm glad she's a Friday.


Humpday Check In

I didn't walk on Monday because it was a cold and windy rainy day. I'm also getting over a stupid cold and I was sort of exhausted so it was a good excuse to have a rest day. But yesterday I went back and forth all morning about whether or not I wanted to walk. I was still a little congested and it was breezy and chilly but I finally decided to cowboy up and I walked and it was the right choice. By the end of the day i'd logged 7786 steps on my wee pedometer that I do not carry all the time. That's some good stuff right there because there are 2000 steps in a mile, y'all. BOOM!

I've decided that Wednesday will be my challenge check-in day for blogging purposed. Because despite what I said about not blogging about my wee challenge, here I am doing just what I said I wouldn't do. Husband and I started February 15th trying to not drink beer during the week. The first two weeks, we made it until Thursday night. Last week we made it all the way to Saturday night. I had a couple glasses of wine on Friday night but I don't count that as beer so there. I'm stoked we are actually doing this and I feel like it's making a difference.
I started trying to incorporate walking on my lunch hour into my routine on February 22. The first week I walked three times, the second week I walked twice and that brings us up to date. I plan to walk today and made sure to bring my exercise clothes for the remaining two days of the week. I have also made an effort to make sure I'm bringing my salads and fruits and veggies for all five work days into the office on Monday so I have no excuses. I've been very good about snacking during work  hours and have kept it mostly to pretzels when the rations I have brought myself just aren't cutting it. I'm drinking more water too. I'm trying to eat smaller portions at dinner and am trying to limit the sweets I indulge in before bedtime because damn it I need something to enjoy. My homemade lemonade with a splash of cranberry juice has replaced my dinner beer. Who am I?
That brings me to today's weigh in. Last Wednesday the scale said 223. This week it said 221. When I started this, the scale was at 226. I'm very pleased with the results I am seeing. My goal when I started this was to lose 10 pounds by May 12th which is now 9 weeks away. I think I'm on the right track and that makes me happy. I tried to suck some enthusiasm about this loss out of Husband but he just sort of dead-eyed monotone told me "Good work, babe. I know it's hard to do when you get old." He's dead now. RIP.

Tomorrow I'm just going to keep on keeping on. Oatmeal for breakfast. My two cups of morning coffee. Banana and peanut butter for a morning snack. Salad and an avocado for lunch. Carrots for the afternoon snack. About 66 ounces of water by 5 pm. A 2-mile walk for thirty minutes of my lunch break. That's really my focus. Just trying to be as good as I can be during my 40 hour work week and cutting out beer Monday through Thursday. That's what I'm clinging to until it becomes routine. Bad habits are hard to break but I'm going to make them my bitch.


Superhero Double Feature

Remember I said we went to a movie on date night? We went to see Deadpool. It was so good, you guys. It has a hard R-rating for a reason yet some ignorant tools still brought their kids. Sigh. Come on, people. There's terrible language, full frontal nudity, and way graphic violence that added up to a real good grown up fun time. There was one part in particular where Husband laughed so hard, I'm not entirely sure if the other audience members were laughing at the movie or at him. As funny as it was, the torture part was kind of hard for me to stomach. I like how Deadpool basically breaks the 4th wall to mock its own existence and how it didn't take itself too seriously. Ryan Reynolds did such a kick-ass job and he is just so funny. And so ripped. Good lord. Anyway, I recommend this movie with two giant thumbs up and I'm happy for him that he has such a hit on his hands. The soundtrack was so much fun and we stayed til the end of the credits for a nice little surprise that was well worth the wait. Good, good stuff.

We're a little bit on the late train with Ant-Man but Husband had said he'd heard good things so I bought it for him with a gift card I'd gotten. I'm such a nice wife. I knew we couldn't go wrong because everyone loves Paul Rudd! We finally got to watch it on Sunday even though it didn't hold Casey's interest for very long. This was another fun movie. I guess I'm a sucker for Marvel but I like that they're not taking themselves too seriously. Paul Rudd is goddamn adorable. I don't know Evangeline Lilly but her wig was the worst thing in the movie. I guess that's a compliment for the film? I feel like it took a little too long to get to the action but it was still interesting and silly and engaging. I found it easy to like Ant-Man for one of the the same reasons I liked Deadpool and that is because I wasn't overly familiar with either character. Batman and Superman and the X-Men have all been done so many times in so many forms that even though I enjoy them, they're not exactly fresh or new. The Avengers, referenced in both films, are making superheroes interesting again and that's something that makes me quite happy. Additionally, the trailers for Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad also look super dope.


Weekend Pics

 Went to a "Thirty-One" party at my boss's house in the hills of Camarillo on Friday night. That's the view of the Conejo Grade from their balcony. Amazing. Faith based bags? Not so amazing but I bought one nonetheless.
 Saturday morning donuts in matching jammies.
Inside the Airstream at Whole Foods for lunch. 
 I had the crayons but nothing to color on so we used dishes.
 Date-night with Husband celebrating 10 years since he first commented on my blog. We had sushi and went to a movie. Good times.
 Sunday morning book reading. Love.
 We did Color Me Mine for the first time.
 Casey chose a lion that he gave blue eyes.
 Husband painted a giant coffee mug with the intensity of a thousand burning suns. This guy takes everything he does super serious. He was half an hour longer than the rest of us. 
 I made a flower pot.
Christa chose a "cat cat." Meow.