Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Because I like to copy BFF.

Husband was on call on President's Day so he worked from 5:30 pm Monday until Tuesday at 7 am. Because of that, he took yesterday off and slept it away. I worked but when I got the kids, the whole family and Betty went to the park to play for a bit. I made ravioli and meatballs for dinner. This is only worth mentioning because although he wouldn't touch a meatball, Casey ate a bowl of ravioli for dinner, something he never, ever does. It's chicken nuggets about 90% of the time when it's not pizza or grilled cheese. Glory be!
Started raining out of nowhere at noon. Went to the supermarket on my lunch hour. Had exactly $63 in available to me and the total came to $62.10. How about that? I've spent most of the day thinking about a puppy I saw on Craigslist and how fun it would be to give it to Christa because...
The girl child, my wee baby, turns 2. I can hardly believe it. How is my baby a two-year old?

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