Weekend Pictures

 Friday afternoon at the park
 Tending to my wild garden.
 This wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I got the bird bath.
 Post-portraits. Hilarious defeat.
 Getting pretty good at this pigtail thing.
 Baking cookies.
 Well I was. And Casey helped. Til Christa woke up
Then he and Sis pretended with cookie chunks and marshmallows.
 Casey won't eat chunky peanut butter on a PB & J 
sandwich but he'll devour it in cookie form.
Judgmental Wilford Brimley Bun. We modified his cage so he could roam the yard freely now all he does is try and get in the house. Talk about give an inch, take a mile, Bunjamin! Since we're not falling for that, he sits and glares at us from the patio.

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