It was Ash Wednesday and Husband and I flirted with the idea of giving up drinking for Lent despite the fact that neither of us is a practicing Catholic. Guess what? We had beer last night. That didn't last long. We, as a family, worked on a Valentine's Day card for Casey's teacher and things got a little nuts with stickers.

Just doing the usual, working and whatnot. I drove out to a customer's place during my lunch break to buy Girl Scout cookies that I then wrapped and decorated to give Husband for Valentine's Day. I pretend to not care about that holiday but I guess I kind of do. Casey has his wee Valentine's Day exchange today so I guess it put me in the mood.

Friday! Half day! Casey has no school so I'm taking the afternoon off to spend time with him and his sister instead of torturing Maria with both my offspring. Hopefully we can do something artsy fartsy and decorate the house in hearts or some such nonsense because kids really dig that shit. Kicking off a three day weekend that as of now has ZERO plans... weird.

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