Taking A Cue From BFF

It was business as usual but boy was it cold and windy. I've noticed if I don't take the kids to the park after we leave Maria's there tends to be an upswing in crazy behavior. Because of the cold wind, we went straight home to work on the 100 days of Kindergarten project. Apparently once that project was over it was a cue for the boy to become a shrieking, jumping banshee. The girl decided she wanted to have a good cry over just about everything and since she has a wee cold she turned into a snot fountain. I hadn't taken anything out for dinner so I served some frozen pizza of sadness and we basically called it a night after watching New Girl, The Muppets and an episode of The West Wing. Thank God for beer on nights like these.

Getting out of a warm bed to face another cold day didn't seem like anything I wanted to be a part of. My lady time is making my stomach a wreck so I am not having a super fun morning. Hopefully we get to go to the park after work to avoid another train-wreck like last night. At least I had the sense to thaw some chicken so we don't have to have another depressing meal. Also? Looking forward to that beer already.

Casey's got half days tomorrow and Friday. How could there have been 100 days of kindergarten if those children never seem to be in class? Three weeks for Christmas? One for Thanksgiving? Two for spring break? Man, give me that life! Husband will be on call tomorrow night so that's never a good time. What a downer this post turned out to be! LOL Happy hump day indeed.

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