New Year, Better Me

When I look at 2016 at almost the close of its second month, I gotta say I'm pretty pleased with the way things are going. We've had fun little trips to zoos and amusement parks. We've drunk good beers and eaten delicious food. We've even gone to a couple movies. Birthdays have been celebrated and we've played with lots of friends. The family as a whole has managed to stay relatively healthy and I'm digging the extra help I've been getting from being on Prozac.
But, and there is always a big old "but," I'm not exactly content with a particular aspect of my life and that would be my weight. Last month I resolved to work on myself in more of a mental/spiritual sort of way and honestly I feel like I've done pretty well in that department thus far. Unfortunately, and I think PMS may be slightly to blame, I can't help but feel like a giant manatee right now. Well PMS and the fact that I had a zipper bust on my "fat" jeans and I may have gotten stuck on a children's ride at an amusement park. But you know...
Rather than get all sad about it, though, I've put some steps into motion. I tried to change a couple things slowly and I'm not really ready to proclaim a plan yet but here's what I'm working on so far.
  • Husband and I are trying not to drink during the week. Last week, we made it til Thursday night but kind of broke the streak to have a cold one in honor of Christa's birthday. This week hopefully we'll make it til Friday night and a trend can continue. Going from a couple beers a night to NONE sucks. I'm not gonna lie. I looked forward to my after work beers. But now I'll look forward to weekend beers. It's fine. 
  • On Friday of last week, I stocked the fridge at work with healthy food choices. I had been pretty nonchalant about going out for lunch and I think the best fix for this is to plan ahead and just be super repetitive with what I eat during office hours. Thus far, it's two cups of coffee, a banana and a cup of oatmeal for breakfast. For lunch, it's a salad with an avocado. For snack, it's one of those carrots and dip snack packs. I was so proud of myself on Monday because a coworker brought cookies and I didn't have a single one. Huge for me. If I really feel the tummy grumbles, that same coworker keeps pretzels at his desk so I might grab a few. Mainly though, I'm doing my best to avoid chips and soda and sweets of all kind while at work.
  • This week, I decided I would try to walk during my lunch hour so I brought my shoes to the office. I have managed to walk on Monday and Wednesday so far and will likely go again today. I've been spending way too many lunches at my desk, zoning out in front of a screen rather than moving. I simply spend way too much time seated or lying down and I aim to try and move more in general.
So those are three little steps I've tried to incorporate into my routine since the beginning of last week. It's not much but it is something and in just this short time, I've lost three pounds.  I'm going to try to not get discouraged if I slip. Discouragement just tends to lead to me quitting all together so I'm trying to just remain positive and optimistic. I will log my weight and activity in the little calendar I carry in my purse because I don't want to see this blog go from a mom blog to a diet blog! Ha! That's not true. It's just super boring to read about and I feel like I might be kind of boring enough already. 
I have a goal to lose ten pounds by my birthday. Hopefully, I'll lose more since I still have a couple months to go but if not? That's okay, too. I think the key is to just keep trying. I read those articles about folks that have lost half their body weight and the recurring theme is simply making small changes like going for a walk every day or cutting out fast food. Maybe this will work this time. Wish me luck. 

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