Christa went for her two-year checkup yesterday afternoon. Best part about it? No shots! She's weighing in at about 28 pounds and is 35" tall. She's in the 90th percentile of height and right in the middle of weight. The doc speculates she should be about 5'8" when she's grown. The thought of my tiny bear being a giant lady is just too much to take sometimes.
Christa is so different from Casey in that she has had way fewer health concerns in her tiny two years of life than he did at his. The doc was shocked that she really hasn't even been to see him aside from her well-visits. She's hardly had any colds and our biggest concern currently is that she has a bit of eczema that is really not even a concern at all since we treat it exactly as he would have prescribed. Her teeth are great and evenly spaced and healthy. Doc said her eyes and ears looked great and her tummy is "nice and soft" despite the fact that she's a muscular little thing.
She's a funny girl. We all know how rambunctious and active and talkative she is but she never made a peep her entire exam. She was extremely cooperative and shy. I guess when she figured out the doctor was not trying to harm her, that was her cue to babble because as we were closing things up she started telling him all sorts of stories. She never even shed one tear until we got to the sticker box and they didn't have any "Ola" (aka Olaf). Yes, you heard that right. She cried as we were walking to the car. A lot. Typical Toots.

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such a cute age dude