Weekend Pictures

 Friday afternoon at the park
 Tending to my wild garden.
 This wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I got the bird bath.
 Post-portraits. Hilarious defeat.
 Getting pretty good at this pigtail thing.
 Baking cookies.
 Well I was. And Casey helped. Til Christa woke up
Then he and Sis pretended with cookie chunks and marshmallows.
 Casey won't eat chunky peanut butter on a PB & J 
sandwich but he'll devour it in cookie form.
Judgmental Wilford Brimley Bun. We modified his cage so he could roam the yard freely now all he does is try and get in the house. Talk about give an inch, take a mile, Bunjamin! Since we're not falling for that, he sits and glares at us from the patio.


Missing My Poo Haiku Friday

I picture him checking in
When that song comes on
And while I'm walking
I seek pennies on the ground
Just like he used to
I will not fix my
Crooked bottom tooth because
He had one like it 


New Year, Better Me

When I look at 2016 at almost the close of its second month, I gotta say I'm pretty pleased with the way things are going. We've had fun little trips to zoos and amusement parks. We've drunk good beers and eaten delicious food. We've even gone to a couple movies. Birthdays have been celebrated and we've played with lots of friends. The family as a whole has managed to stay relatively healthy and I'm digging the extra help I've been getting from being on Prozac.
But, and there is always a big old "but," I'm not exactly content with a particular aspect of my life and that would be my weight. Last month I resolved to work on myself in more of a mental/spiritual sort of way and honestly I feel like I've done pretty well in that department thus far. Unfortunately, and I think PMS may be slightly to blame, I can't help but feel like a giant manatee right now. Well PMS and the fact that I had a zipper bust on my "fat" jeans and I may have gotten stuck on a children's ride at an amusement park. But you know...
Rather than get all sad about it, though, I've put some steps into motion. I tried to change a couple things slowly and I'm not really ready to proclaim a plan yet but here's what I'm working on so far.
  • Husband and I are trying not to drink during the week. Last week, we made it til Thursday night but kind of broke the streak to have a cold one in honor of Christa's birthday. This week hopefully we'll make it til Friday night and a trend can continue. Going from a couple beers a night to NONE sucks. I'm not gonna lie. I looked forward to my after work beers. But now I'll look forward to weekend beers. It's fine. 
  • On Friday of last week, I stocked the fridge at work with healthy food choices. I had been pretty nonchalant about going out for lunch and I think the best fix for this is to plan ahead and just be super repetitive with what I eat during office hours. Thus far, it's two cups of coffee, a banana and a cup of oatmeal for breakfast. For lunch, it's a salad with an avocado. For snack, it's one of those carrots and dip snack packs. I was so proud of myself on Monday because a coworker brought cookies and I didn't have a single one. Huge for me. If I really feel the tummy grumbles, that same coworker keeps pretzels at his desk so I might grab a few. Mainly though, I'm doing my best to avoid chips and soda and sweets of all kind while at work.
  • This week, I decided I would try to walk during my lunch hour so I brought my shoes to the office. I have managed to walk on Monday and Wednesday so far and will likely go again today. I've been spending way too many lunches at my desk, zoning out in front of a screen rather than moving. I simply spend way too much time seated or lying down and I aim to try and move more in general.
So those are three little steps I've tried to incorporate into my routine since the beginning of last week. It's not much but it is something and in just this short time, I've lost three pounds.  I'm going to try to not get discouraged if I slip. Discouragement just tends to lead to me quitting all together so I'm trying to just remain positive and optimistic. I will log my weight and activity in the little calendar I carry in my purse because I don't want to see this blog go from a mom blog to a diet blog! Ha! That's not true. It's just super boring to read about and I feel like I might be kind of boring enough already. 
I have a goal to lose ten pounds by my birthday. Hopefully, I'll lose more since I still have a couple months to go but if not? That's okay, too. I think the key is to just keep trying. I read those articles about folks that have lost half their body weight and the recurring theme is simply making small changes like going for a walk every day or cutting out fast food. Maybe this will work this time. Wish me luck. 



Christa went for her two-year checkup yesterday afternoon. Best part about it? No shots! She's weighing in at about 28 pounds and is 35" tall. She's in the 90th percentile of height and right in the middle of weight. The doc speculates she should be about 5'8" when she's grown. The thought of my tiny bear being a giant lady is just too much to take sometimes.
Christa is so different from Casey in that she has had way fewer health concerns in her tiny two years of life than he did at his. The doc was shocked that she really hasn't even been to see him aside from her well-visits. She's hardly had any colds and our biggest concern currently is that she has a bit of eczema that is really not even a concern at all since we treat it exactly as he would have prescribed. Her teeth are great and evenly spaced and healthy. Doc said her eyes and ears looked great and her tummy is "nice and soft" despite the fact that she's a muscular little thing.
She's a funny girl. We all know how rambunctious and active and talkative she is but she never made a peep her entire exam. She was extremely cooperative and shy. I guess when she figured out the doctor was not trying to harm her, that was her cue to babble because as we were closing things up she started telling him all sorts of stories. She never even shed one tear until we got to the sticker box and they didn't have any "Ola" (aka Olaf). Yes, you heard that right. She cried as we were walking to the car. A lot. Typical Toots.


Weekend Pics - Birthday Style

 Christa had a family pizza party and a Barbie cake
 Four cousins sounded like a herd of wild buffalo. Good times.
 The morning after watching Frozen in her "pretties".
Haircut with Miss Jeannettey! She loved it!
 Post-haircut, Three Generations
 Family fun day at Knott's!
 The boys
 The girls 
 Me & BFF
Yeah... This was the funniest thing to ever happen.
Thank God we were buckled in! 


Haiku Friday

Christa is so spoiled
She got toys and clothes to spare
Lucky birthday girl
Tonight is pizza
To celebrate with the fam
And a Barbie cake
Saturday haircut
So she looks sharp for Sunday's
Knott's Berry Farm trip


Christa is Two!

It's unfathomable to me that my baby is two years old. If you ask her how old she is, she says, "Two-Nine, Mama!" She knows lots of words now but still does a lot of the baby babble. She loves puppies and animals. Her favorite cartoon right now is Paw Patrol. She will watch Book of Life every day if I let her. When Manolo (aka Lolo) sings "I love you too much" she will sway back and forth and look super in love. She's not a fan of dresses and shorts but will wear a skirt. She gets upset at dressy pretty shoes but loves her new sparkly purple Ugg knockoffs and her light up high top sneakers. She is a big fan of necklaces and bracelets and calls them her "pretties." She fights with her brother more often now but he is still her very best friend. She loves eating strawberries and meat but isn't a fan of things like chicken nuggets. She's still not potty trained but talks about the potty more so she might be close. She sleeps like a champ and has yet to try to climb out of her crib.
I definitely love her as much as I love her brother but loving a daughter is so much different. I'm a big fan of her and her personality. I like that she is stubborn and knows what she wants. She gives perfect hugs and kisses. She says "bowie bowie" when she bounces around and it make me laugh. She loves being naughty and her new favorite thing is pulling my glasses off. At night I try to kiss her and she pushes my face away and says "No way!" Her sense of humor is a hoot. Today is exactly two and a half years since my dad passed away and I think he would have been head over heels in love with her. I'm so glad she has his eyebrows so I can see him in her. Love my birthday girl.


Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Because I like to copy BFF.

Husband was on call on President's Day so he worked from 5:30 pm Monday until Tuesday at 7 am. Because of that, he took yesterday off and slept it away. I worked but when I got the kids, the whole family and Betty went to the park to play for a bit. I made ravioli and meatballs for dinner. This is only worth mentioning because although he wouldn't touch a meatball, Casey ate a bowl of ravioli for dinner, something he never, ever does. It's chicken nuggets about 90% of the time when it's not pizza or grilled cheese. Glory be!
Started raining out of nowhere at noon. Went to the supermarket on my lunch hour. Had exactly $63 in available to me and the total came to $62.10. How about that? I've spent most of the day thinking about a puppy I saw on Craigslist and how fun it would be to give it to Christa because...
The girl child, my wee baby, turns 2. I can hardly believe it. How is my baby a two-year old?


Long Weekend Plus Valentine's Day Pics!

 Left work at noon on Friday and took the kids to Toppers.
 Spring has definitely sprung early. 80 degrees in February.
 Casey picked us flowers after he ate octopus!
 Spent the afternoon in the yard, drinking with Business Bear.
 Casey making his sissie a birthday cake.
 Christa lovin' Bunjamin.
 Me & My Valentine
 Snackin' on Cheetos
 Cuddle Puddle


Haiku Friday

Happy birthday, Abe!
Thanks for being my favorite
US President
If not for you, sir
Would we have had Obama
Kicking all that ass?
I sure hope the next 
President of our country
Doesn't disappoint



It was Ash Wednesday and Husband and I flirted with the idea of giving up drinking for Lent despite the fact that neither of us is a practicing Catholic. Guess what? We had beer last night. That didn't last long. We, as a family, worked on a Valentine's Day card for Casey's teacher and things got a little nuts with stickers.

Just doing the usual, working and whatnot. I drove out to a customer's place during my lunch break to buy Girl Scout cookies that I then wrapped and decorated to give Husband for Valentine's Day. I pretend to not care about that holiday but I guess I kind of do. Casey has his wee Valentine's Day exchange today so I guess it put me in the mood.

Friday! Half day! Casey has no school so I'm taking the afternoon off to spend time with him and his sister instead of torturing Maria with both my offspring. Hopefully we can do something artsy fartsy and decorate the house in hearts or some such nonsense because kids really dig that shit. Kicking off a three day weekend that as of now has ZERO plans... weird.


Weekend Pics

 This is Sugar. She's nice. Christa loves wowows.
 Just a girl and a dog in a truck heading into work.
 Kids at Target, super safe style.
 Lunch at McDonald's. That is quite the booth.
 Surprisingly, she's happy and saying "Cheese."
 Valentine's Assembly Line
 Me and Toots on the swing.
 Sleepy Toots
Ugly crying after Gaga.
 Joz wrecking my pool and being adorable.
More babies. 
 Sasha escaping.
 Is she drunk too? 
Cuz I sure was.