Weekend Wrap Up

Busiest weekend ever. Here is my timeline:
Get off of work at 4.
Pick up kids, go to the park.
Go to the supermarket. Drop off groceries.
Pick up my niece and nephew for slumber party fun times.
Feed everyone, let them wreak havoc til 9:30 bedtime.
The End

Niece and nephew eat rad pancakes and leave.
I go to work.
BFF drops by with Joz and Ang.
We take the kids to a bounce house party at 2:30
We immediately go to grown up friend's to have more kid play time til 9 pm.
The End

Wake up and head to LA Zoo.
Get home at 3:30.
Throw some laundry in.
Babysitter comes at 4:30 so Husband & I can run out for Indian dinner date night.
Home for bath, jammies, AFV and bed at 8 pm.
The End
Can you say BOOM!?!?!?!

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