Tuesday Staycatoin

Took a cue out of BFF's book and Husband and I took the day off yesterday to stay home and chill. Holiday days off are fun and all but not the same as just taking a random work day off.
 Despite having a somewhat spacious house, we are always 
within feet of one another. Betty included.
 Christa has really taken to reading to Betty in Betty's safe space.
 Super blurry but not much is better than a mall playground on a rainy day.
I call this one "Damn it feels good to be a gangster." Lollipop action. 
 My brother and SIL bought me that shell anchor and the in-laws bought me one made of stone for Christmas so I made a shadowbox for them. Crafty right? 
 First fire of the season.
We decided Casey likes Bumblebee because of the blue eyes/yellow hair they share.

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