Hump Day

I feel like I hardly blog these days. Things are pretty chill for the most part. My days go by in a flash! It's wake up, get the kids and myself off, work, go home, dinner, homework, bath and bed. I can't even say I have watched any good shows other than we just got into the West Wing and I really like that. So yesterday was a change in scenery and I took Casey for a haircut.

 Sissy was in EVERYTHING and made all the barbers laugh.
 Casey looked super handsome and got his 14th blue card! Two in a row!
 Then he voluntarily ate Mac n Cheese for the first time in years! When all but a bite or two was left he told me he was full and he didn't want to eat that again because it was "weird and slimy." Sure was good while it lasted.
Then I ended the night with this cuddle puddle until I was rudely awaken at about 3 this morning by a crying Christa who promptly took over my bed and robbed me of sleep for no apparent reason. She was a chipper bird this morning.

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