Belated Haiku Friday

We took the day off
Husband and I, just to hang
No kids for four hours
Kids to the dentist
They both did just wonderful
And then we ditched them
Went out to breakfast
Hit Salzers and the nursery
And simply rested

 Christa's First Dentist Visit
 She did good and got a prize.
 Casey being handsome outside the Beer Cave
 Beer cave results led to a Celine Dion singalong.
Christa sharing her new baby with Betty.


Hump Day

I feel like I hardly blog these days. Things are pretty chill for the most part. My days go by in a flash! It's wake up, get the kids and myself off, work, go home, dinner, homework, bath and bed. I can't even say I have watched any good shows other than we just got into the West Wing and I really like that. So yesterday was a change in scenery and I took Casey for a haircut.

 Sissy was in EVERYTHING and made all the barbers laugh.
 Casey looked super handsome and got his 14th blue card! Two in a row!
 Then he voluntarily ate Mac n Cheese for the first time in years! When all but a bite or two was left he told me he was full and he didn't want to eat that again because it was "weird and slimy." Sure was good while it lasted.
Then I ended the night with this cuddle puddle until I was rudely awaken at about 3 this morning by a crying Christa who promptly took over my bed and robbed me of sleep for no apparent reason. She was a chipper bird this morning.


Most Boring Weekend Pics Ever

We did very little this weekend because Husband was on call and the kids were both poop fountains. We did have Casey's friend from school over with his mom and sister. That was interesting and new as far as play dates go. Yeah... but that is it other than errands.
 I've had gray hairs before, small ones I've plucked, but never like this.
 Attempted the Astronomy night at Casey's school, me alone with the two kids. It was a poorly organized event but we did our best to have a fun time. We got pizza out of it so win!
 Mutant orange from Rancho Viernes
 Out of the Shadows
Drive thru at McDonald's with his new best friend.


Haiku Friday

No plans this weekend
Husband is on call a lot
Quiet time sounds good
Not much going on
Life getting back to normal
I'm not complaining
What a mellow post
Kind of digging Zen Randi
Rage is exhausting


Weekend Wrap Up

Busiest weekend ever. Here is my timeline:
Get off of work at 4.
Pick up kids, go to the park.
Go to the supermarket. Drop off groceries.
Pick up my niece and nephew for slumber party fun times.
Feed everyone, let them wreak havoc til 9:30 bedtime.
The End

Niece and nephew eat rad pancakes and leave.
I go to work.
BFF drops by with Joz and Ang.
We take the kids to a bounce house party at 2:30
We immediately go to grown up friend's to have more kid play time til 9 pm.
The End

Wake up and head to LA Zoo.
Get home at 3:30.
Throw some laundry in.
Babysitter comes at 4:30 so Husband & I can run out for Indian dinner date night.
Home for bath, jammies, AFV and bed at 8 pm.
The End
Can you say BOOM!?!?!?!


Haiku Friday

Two thousand sixteen
A new year always feels nice
A fresh beginning
Feeling organized
The calendar and budget
Off to a good start
Solid frame of mind
Aiming to make some changes
To streamline my life


Kid Filled Weekend Pics

 Oh no biggie, just Toots growing right out of a high chair. Sigh.
 Those are "MY PANCAKES" so god forbid she doesn't hoard them.
 New low? Bringing my kids to work on a Saturday morning. Damn Mexico.
 Dolphin riding while Dad buys boots.
 Need to get Casey some new sweats as we're not expecting floods any time soon.
 Sometimes my bear is a tiger.
 She must have padding. At all times.
 Babies in Breweries
For life.
Also, it should be a rule that all babies are bears.


Murder Haiku Friday

Netflix sucked me in
Ten hour binge watching
My mouth was agape
My head shaking side to side
At the corruption
A war of classes
Unscrupulous practices
Strongly recommend



In years past, I've made new year's and mid-year resolutions to work on my physical form. I've never not worried about being "fat" even when I weighed sixty pounds less than I do now. Lately, I find myself coming to terms with my body and giving myself credit for maybe moving a little more or eating a little better. Those little choices are really what will make the biggest difference in the long run, not only on the scale but for my overall well-being. Perhaps it is the wisdom that comes with age, maybe it's appreciating what my body has been able to do for me. It seems cliche to always go back to motherhood, but my body made two other perfect human beings. Hating a body that did something that remarkable seems like a disservice.
Sure my clothes are tight and my body might be a little looser than it was in the past, but it's holding together nicely. I hurt sometimes a bit more than I used to after say a day at a theme park. I guess I must be strong though seeing as I have a couple kids that I either hold or carry or toss around on a pretty regular basis and nothing has broken yet. Husband still thinks I'm sexy and he's the one that matters so I tend to acknowledge that a lot more. Health-wise, thinks are looking pretty good. I don't have any major illnesses to speak of and I don't find myself at the doctor too often so I can't really complain.
This year, I am resolute to focus a little less on the physical and a lot more on the mental and psychological aspects of my life. Since Christa was born, I have struggled with insane PMS like I've never dealt with before. At one point late last year, in the midst of holiday and family stress, Husband told me that if he talked to me the way I talk to him, we likely wouldn't be married. Talk about a wake-up call. Shortly thereafter, I made the decision to go on Prozac again to help counteract the PMS and my symptoms of OCD and anxiety. Almost a month in, I find the results to be very encouraging. My PMS was nonexistent last week, didn't even know Aunt Flo was knocking. 
The reason I share this is because sometimes it's okay to ask for help, to acknowledge that maybe you aren't the superhuman you so desperately believe you need to be. Sometimes it takes brutal honesty from someone you trust to make you a little more introspective. Those who know me are aware I have a short fuse and a sharp tongue, that I'm quick to tell the truth and not consider how my bluntness might affect someone else. Now is the time where I need to refocus and really put into perspective what really requires what little energy I have to exert. 
So here's to the new year, not a new me... just perhaps a better one.


Tuesday Staycatoin

Took a cue out of BFF's book and Husband and I took the day off yesterday to stay home and chill. Holiday days off are fun and all but not the same as just taking a random work day off.
 Despite having a somewhat spacious house, we are always 
within feet of one another. Betty included.
 Christa has really taken to reading to Betty in Betty's safe space.
 Super blurry but not much is better than a mall playground on a rainy day.
I call this one "Damn it feels good to be a gangster." Lollipop action. 
 My brother and SIL bought me that shell anchor and the in-laws bought me one made of stone for Christmas so I made a shadowbox for them. Crafty right? 
 First fire of the season.
We decided Casey likes Bumblebee because of the blue eyes/yellow hair they share.


Movie Review

Usually when my in-laws come, we stay super close to home and then they leave and I end up feeling bad we didn't go on a date night and they did little more than hang out at our house with those naughty kids of ours. This time, I rectified that by scheduling a date night with them! After the early bird dinner at The Outback Steakhouse, we took my mom and my in-laws to see Daddy's Home. Husband and his dad would have rather seen that Leonardo DiCaprio bear movie or the new Quentin Tarantino but I just don't know about watching movies that are 2-3 hours long these days. Not only does the babysitter charge by the hour, but I act like I'm 100 years old. I'm surprised you didn't know that.
Over five years ago, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg collaborated on another favorite of mine called The Other Guys. As the saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" so this is essentially the two of them playing the same characters only this time instead of cops, they're dads. I'm not complaining. I laughed very, very hard at this movie from start to finish. True, I have a biased affection for Will Ferrell, but I am going to use the unbridled laughter that surrounded me in a packed movie theater to say there was a consensus that it was downright hilarious. What's unfortunate for that crowded theater was that some folks brought their children thinking this movie was kid friendly but no. But no. Hopefully most of the crass went right over their tiny little heads.
My father-in-law emitted nary a chuckle and Husband slightly disappointed me with his lack of laughter despite my many glances at him each time I chortled. My mom, mother-in-law and I were sore from laughing. We laughed all the way to the parking lot. MIL even said my mom was consistently hitting her during the funny parts and basically that is how my family watches a movie - passionately and physically. However, the next day, Husband earned my trust and approval once again by quoting many, many lines of the film and oh how we laughed together. Oh, how we laughed. It certainly didn't hurt that Will Ferrell's name in the movie was Brad.


Weekend Pics

 New Year's Eve and New Year's Day were both equally this chill. Lots of resting and lounging. I spent a lot of gift cards but otherwise, not much activity.
Saturday night we went to dinner and a movie with my mom and the in-laws. I am having fun with my new curling iron so I shot a car selfie after I dropped the kids with Maria.  
Sunday we went to Universal Studios. Many pictures from a real camera can be found here.
 I believe this is the first time my MIL has played a carnival game. I won, for the record.
 Sure it was a Simpsons brewery, but a brewery just the same.
You know how the Fridays do.
Shockingly, the child took a nap at a theme park. Worth posting for posterity.