Weekend Pics!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I took a ton of pictures of our zoo day yesterday and they can be found here.

 Friday after work I took the kids to the downtown Oxnard tree lighting.
 Santa showed up. Naturally I wept.
 The star of the show.
 Saturday BFF came up so the kids played.
 I got to gobble up Josephine.
 Saturday date night to check out food trees and do Santa shoping.
 Some mistletoe working its magic.
 Christa with Rudolph who she has not stopped loving since BFF let her have it. 
Naturally, it is her "Wowow"
 Sasha put these up but Casey's made me take them down 
to put them up the "right way." Too bad my poor son is my OCD clone.
 Sibling hugs in the snow. Face and arm painting!
Family photo with Santa! Was supposed to be just the kids but 
Tutti was having NONE OF IT.

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