Weekend Pics Full of Firsts

 Our first Parade of Lights at The Ventura Harbor
 Christa's First Fireworks
 Probably my first attempt at Magic Cookie Bars since Christine 
won't make them for me this year. Boo.
Perhaps my first time ever wearing red lipstick. 
 The first selfie BFF & I have taken since my birthday? 
Josie's first Ornament Party at my ma's.
 The first time Husband was able to coerce Bunjamin into the house with a treat to 
be caught and returned to his cage.
 First time this little doofus decided to sit on my shoulder.
 Casey & Mrs. Claus
 Santa Float!
 Beautiful Sunset
 Tutti despises her swing but thought her "baby" would enjoy swinging.
Look at this mess. Her big ol' feet. I want to eat her.

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