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I will admit, I have mocked the nerds for a while now about their practically orgasmic excitement over the release of this The Force Awakens. I can't think of many movies that have kept me in a state of year-long, breathtaking anticipation or that have gotten me to the point of dressing in costume and that sort of thing. As teasing and mean as I have been, though, deep down I really hoped that JJ Abrams wasn't going to disappoint them or ruin this beloved piece of cinematic pop culture. Casey and Husband had been pretty pumped about seeing Force and we finally got a chance to go on Sunday. I was reluctant to join them since I am not a huge fan of the first three and was pretty unimpressed with the following three prequels but I tried to feign some enthusiasm for them and went along for the ride.
With all that being said, I am quite familiar with the stories and everyone's lineage. Andrea was kind enough to gift Casey with episodes 4, 5 and 6 on DVD so I've been on a refresher course for the past couple years. I have a soft spot for Chewbacca, R2D2 and "Steve Reemio" (aka C3P0). And who doesn't love Harrison Ford as Han Solo? I'm glad I went into Force knowing what I knew. And I'm happy to report that despite not being a huge fan of the other movies, I absolutely loved this one.
I loved that there was a sense of humor like the first three that seemed to be lacking in the three prequels. I was impressed that the CGI wasn't overwhelming; the aliens were almost costume-like rather than animated and the sets appeared to be "on location." Force was able to impress me solely based on the story and the characters and didn't have to rely on a bunch of fluff. The nostalgia was definitely there but I didn't find the appearances of existing characters to be gratuitous. I also really enjoyed the newbies: Rey, Finn and BB8 were so much fun and Kylo Ren was so dark.
Husband gasped at the sight of the Millennium Falcon. Casey and I cheered when we saw Chewbacca. We all got kind of loud and rowdy especially when the light sabers came out. I don't want to say I fell into the deep nerd category, but Force was actually able to make me feel like Star Wars was fun and incredibly enjoyable. In the end, I was glad my boys talked me into joining them. I'm sold and interested to see where this is headed.

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