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Husband and I had every intention of going to see the final installment of the Hunger Games but after too much holiday merriment the children turned on us. Saturday was just too emotional of a day for them to be sprung on an unsuspecting babysitter. We don't want to scare her away now do we? I'd rather she have them when they are not being holy terrors so we skipped date night in favor of a chill night at home. I thought Casey could use some one on one time, though, so on Sunday I ended up dropping his sister off at Gaga's while Husband worked his call shift and took him to see The Good Dinosaur.
It's a story of a wee preemie dinosaur named Arlo who was kind of a coward and not really making his mark on the farm his dinosaur family was in charge of. Arlo's dad got frustrated and tried to "make him a man" so to speak and in the process end's up dying. Of course. Because I need that kind of dinosaur dad death sadness in my life. Arlo falls into a river after chasing off a little critter kid from his family's stash of corn and they both get swept off far from home. On the journey back, a friendship is formed and marks are made and everyone lived happily ever after.
I'm sad to report that while I enjoyed the movie, it was a bit of a disappointment. The character development just wasn't there and the story was just kind of weak. I wasn't even overly impressed by the voices of the cast aside from Sam Elliot's raspy-voiced cowboy T-Rex. The animation was positively stunning, so much so that I wondered if they just didn't drop in some photography along the way because folks got tired of animating. Casey and I got a few laughs and of course I cried my happy-sad tears like I always do. It just didn't blow me away or seem to be a movie I would watch again necessarily; not an instant classic like the other Pixar efforts. Maybe they should have named it "The Great Dinosaur" and aimed a little higher.
I will say, though, that the short beforehand was positively dope. Sanjay's Super Team was super Indian and randomly awesome. I was stoked to see such diversity with such a seldom used subject. How often do you get to see Hindu deities throw down superhero style? Not often enough. I hope Pixar continues to branch out and maybe make their animation a bit less whitewashed and more culturally diverse. I have to admit it made me excited to see what they could do.
Just had to sneak this in because Casey totally ditched me when he saw his school friend and I felt like a lame-oh. 
Too bad assigned seating thwarted this and he got stuck with me. Haha!

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