Girl's Night!

Casey's school did a fundraiser at The Painted Cabernet so being the very responsible and active PTA member I am, I attended. I'm happy to say Miss Kitty and I were the quieter of  the "whoo"-ing, drunk moms that were there with us. Nice to know our years of practice drinking have made us the classy ones. It's also nice to know that Oxnard is the tiniest place you can ever live because the coordinator just so happened to be Miss Kitty's former neighbor and I got to hear lots of fun stories about what a partier she was. Yes, let's use that language.

Selfie with Miss Kitty
 Actual photograph taken by the organizer. Much better.
 Wine! And painting!
 Doesn't she look like she knows what she's doing?
The finished masterpieces.
 Group photo!

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