Christmas Fun Tymz

All over Ventura County there are endless amounts of Christmas activities so last night I recruited Gaga to help me take the kids to the Camarillo Ranch House. Husband works late and sometimes I just don't feel like tackling new adventures as a single mom with two kids. Sue me. It was super fun!
 The kids got to decorate their own foam ornaments with stickers and markers. Christa used the stickers from her gingerbread man to bedazzle her sweatshirt. She's crafty.
 What a weird albino horse am I right? 
Face painting is such a new thing for him. He never used to like it.
 Gaga and the girl playing with dope old wooden handmade toys.
 We didn't go inside because the line to see Santa was too long but how pretty is that?
Casey may have grabbed my camera when it was time to get ready for bed. Heh.

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