What can I say about this kid? Of course he got an award for being thoughtful! Casey is one of the most sensitive kids I have ever met; he is quick to pick up on emotions. If I tear up sentimentally, he immediately asks if I'm "happy sad" and tries to hug me. If Husband speaks loudly, he is quick to tell him that he doesn't like it when he is angry. Sometimes I get frustrated that he is so emotional like last night when we had to leave his cousins after about an hour of playtime. He was weepy when he told me he was angry that we had to leave early and I told him he could choose to be angry or he could be happy he got the time to play. Afterward, he apologized for "being a bad boy." I so often have to reassure him that he is the exact opposite. I just think he is such a sweet kid and I love him to pieces. I'm ashamed of myself for wanting him to get an award in math or reading so badly and that I actually felt a twitch of snark when he received a citizenship certificate. In reality, I'd rather he be kind than brilliant. Good lesson to learn.

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