2015 Recap

Our year began with a leak that led to asbestos removal and a remodel of our house.

Our baby Christa turned one!

Gran celebrated her 90th, and last, birthday.

Legoland with Gaga!

I had a fantastic birthday. I got my name on the board at the Dodger game. Husband and I celebrated 6 years married. I had my very first spa day.

My godmother passed away. Finally met "Maine" and went to the Long Beach Aquarium for the first time. Casey got silver teeth. We had our first cocoon. Casey graduated from PreK.

We had a HOT and humid summer that led to me getting a crazy heat rash. Lots of field trips. Lots of park time. Went to the Lake Casitas water park for the first time. Lots of outdoor fun.

Had my 20-year high school reunion. Christine came with Dalton and it meant the world to me. Said goodbye to Casey's pre-school/day care. Casey started Kindergarten. Casey turned 5 and Gran passed away on the same day. We traded the Flex for a pickup.

Took a mini-vacay to Cambria. Played hooky from work to meet BFF and Josie in Malibu for lunch while they were on maternity leave. Went to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland with BFF & Co. I can say I probably saw more of them this year than in many years past and I hope we keep that shit up!

All the Halloween! Another leak that led to more asbestos removal. Casey had his tonsils removed and his Grandma came from Michigan to help him recuperate. We got our first butterfly.

Celebrated ALL the birthdays. Got to do a tour of Dodger Stadium with my kids and Husband and my nephew. Betty's ear exploded. The Germans came for Thanksgiving!

ALL the Christmas! Painted twice at The Painted Cabernet. Casey had his first sleepover at Uncle's. It got SO COLD. My In-laws came.

Overall, we had a few obstacles to overcome but it was a great year full of firsts, friends and fun. Hopefully 2016 will be just as good if not better.

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