Thankful Thursday Concuded

13. That I know many generous people who share things with us like tickets to Dodger Games and appreciation days and other things we normally probably wouldn't be able to afford.
14. That BFF lives so close and we get to see each other so much and do super fun rad family stuff like going to Disneyland for Halloween.
15. That I still live in my hometown so I get to see friends that come home for holidays.
16. For the babysitter!
17. To live in Southern California where the weather is awesome and adventure fun times are easily accessible.
18. That Casey is able to attend a great school with super nice teachers just around the corner from our house.
19. For "Mommy Mia" who is like a third grandmother (heck maybe even a second mother) to my children.
20. For happy memories of my dad, grandma and grandpa that comfort me during the times when I miss them very much.
21. That my uncles came from Germany for Thanksgiving.
22. For modern technology like IMs and texts and Facebook and Instagram and email for making it so easy to stay in touch with everyone.
23. That my good days far outnumber my bad these days.
24. That I got such a dope last name when I married Husband.
25. That my dad made sure his grandkids (and his kids for that matter) would be taken care of.
26. For this blog diary I keep that made friendships and the love of my life possible.


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