Free Activities Are Fun

I recently started subscribing to an email newsletter called "Macaroni Kid" that will send me a calendar of events for kids in our area. This weekend, there was a free-admission gem show at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center that caught my eye so we decided to check it out.The extra children's activities were priced between fifty cents and two dollars. The kids got to make cement, see how stones are polished, use microscopes, and play games. There was a lot of focus on fossils and dinosaurs and Casey was ecstatic. It was a very chill way to kill an hour and I was honestly surprised at how enthusiastic Casey was about everything. The funny thing about it all was that we pulled into the parking lot and it was JAM PACKED. I thought it was odd for a gem show to have that kind of popularity but it turns out the PAC was also hosting a Jehovah's Witness convention. Ha!

 For some reason this sign made me laugh.
 Casey got to sift sand to find cool fossils and teeth.
 Nothing like a stranger picking up your baby so she could feed a T-Rex a bean bag. Ha! 
 Being super scientific.
 Casey working on excavation.
 Dad jumping in to help with some of Papa's old tools.
Stegosaurus excavation! 

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