Date Night!

You may recall that I mentioned we have a babysitter. Her name is Bri and she's 15 and lives across the street with her mother who is a nurse. She loves dogs and reads for pleasure and does mock trial. Not only is she just great with the kids, she actually reads them books and plays games with them and doesn't fool around on her phone the whole time! And? She's totally down to coming over once a week so Husband and I can soak in some grown up time goodness. It's literally a Christmas miracle! Anyway, she came for the second time this week so that Husband and I could eat sushi like we had never seen food before and take in a movie.
Because I was somehow unaware that Hunger Games was already out, we got tickets to see The Night Before. I totally did want to see this because I am sort of deeply in love with Seth Rogen and despite how disappointed I was in This Is The End, I still want to watch all his movies. The gist of this one is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was orphaned right before Christmas and his two buddies took him out to help alleviate his grief and be his new family. Mind you, they're a family that dabble in drugs and shenanigans, but a family nonetheless. It's about a decade later and one buddy is an NFL star and the other is about to become a dad so they're putting the kibosh on the tradition. It's one last hoorah of epic partying and even more rabble rousing mixed in with the theme of A Christmas Carol.
We saw this on opening night in a theater packed with a really enthusiastic crowd so I really think the energy helped. I have to admit, I have dabbled in some naughty behavior in my day so I could relate to the absolute silliness these guys went through. Husband and I laughed a lot. Despite the totally improbable night they were experiencing and the immature hilarity, things actually got pretty touching more than once. Plus Mindy Kaling showed up and I love her so much. There were a couple other really fun cameos and of course it's set in the amazing New York City at Christmas so I walked away with no complaints.

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