Blue Card!

 While I am not a huge fan of this program, the school Casey goes to hands out "behavior" cards every day. Everyone starts at green which is a great day. If they are naughty, I believe it goes to yellow, then orange, then red. We have had one yellow card. It's not what we're aiming for. However, if the kid has a super day, he gets a blue card. His teacher said if he gets 20, he can get a prize. I try not to pressure the blue and praise the green but we try and make it a big deal if he gets the blue. Yesterday he earned one and misplaced it and his day was RUINED. He was bawling in the background when I was talking to Maria.
Being the dope mom that I am, I decided to make him a temporary blue card so that his day didn't have to be so sad when I picked him up. He was SO happy with it. He told me how nice it was and asked me to hug him because it was so cool that I did that for him. He carried it around all night. I had emailed his teacher about another incident at the school and asked if he could get a replacement so I knew this was temporary.
Wouldn't you know it? In the side pocket of his backpack, I found the missing card. He said "Now we can throw away the card you gave me" and I pretended to be hurt and asked why he didn't want to keep my amazing art. He said "Well, I mean, it was nice...." but it's just not the real deal. He's so sweet. I love my little friend. I sure hope today's parent/teacher conference goes well. I'm bringing Play Doh to bribe his teacher just in case.

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