A Grown Up Movie Review

I can't believe we haven't seen a grown-up movie since July! We used to go every weekend, you guys. This is no bueno. My mother-in-law was here for a little over a week so on Friday night we had a quick date night that consisted solely of going to see Sicario. It was Husband's turn to pick the movie otherwise I would be writing about Goosebumps. Sicario, by definition, means "hit man" and it is with that definition the movie began. It also began with heavy gun fire and corpses hidden in walls.
At one point about halfway through this two-hour movie, I leaned over to Husband and whispered, "This movie sure isn't in a hurry to go anywhere." There was a lot of character development and long, meandering shots of Arizona and Mexico. With some thoughtful editing, they probably could have shaved about a half hour off the run time. The cinematography was really fantastic, though, so I could just be picky that way. It was all just very gritty.
Emily Blunt reminded me so much of my friend's wife, Gloria so that was distracting. I wanted her character to be a little more bad ass but no. Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro had the opportunity to be the baddest of the bad asses. I don't know what it is about BDT but he oozes James Dean to me. His presence, more than his looks, is just super sexy and sort of enthralling. He was a cold blooded killer and Brolin was just a cocky bastard. I will say this movie definitely me and Husband chatting nonstop about it for the whole drive home so it must have been at least pretty good. I just think maybe my tastes are a little more PG-13 these days so all that gun-play and blood and suspense and excitement just sort of wore me out.

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