Weekend Pics

 On Wednesday after work I came home to find Betty's blood everywhere. A hematoma in her ear had burst. Vet bills and blood is not how I want to kick off my four-day weekend.
 Luckily a Dalton visit turned things around.
 Thanksgiving selfie before.
 Thanksgiving selfie after.
 Friday was Friendsgiving in LA to celebrate MIKE's birthday
 Saturday was a pretty chill day, bike ride and a walk to decompress.
 Fun at the park. Just not doing much.
 Betty with a booboo upsets Tutti
 And makes Betty think she's a lap dog.
 Sunday sidewalk chalk fun, Casey drew Mom and Dad there on the left. Ha!
This is Casey's "I'm so excited the tree is up" face.


Thankful Thursday Concuded

13. That I know many generous people who share things with us like tickets to Dodger Games and appreciation days and other things we normally probably wouldn't be able to afford.
14. That BFF lives so close and we get to see each other so much and do super fun rad family stuff like going to Disneyland for Halloween.
15. That I still live in my hometown so I get to see friends that come home for holidays.
16. For the babysitter!
17. To live in Southern California where the weather is awesome and adventure fun times are easily accessible.
18. That Casey is able to attend a great school with super nice teachers just around the corner from our house.
19. For "Mommy Mia" who is like a third grandmother (heck maybe even a second mother) to my children.
20. For happy memories of my dad, grandma and grandpa that comfort me during the times when I miss them very much.
21. That my uncles came from Germany for Thanksgiving.
22. For modern technology like IMs and texts and Facebook and Instagram and email for making it so easy to stay in touch with everyone.
23. That my good days far outnumber my bad these days.
24. That I got such a dope last name when I married Husband.
25. That my dad made sure his grandkids (and his kids for that matter) would be taken care of.
26. For this blog diary I keep that made friendships and the love of my life possible.



Date Night!

You may recall that I mentioned we have a babysitter. Her name is Bri and she's 15 and lives across the street with her mother who is a nurse. She loves dogs and reads for pleasure and does mock trial. Not only is she just great with the kids, she actually reads them books and plays games with them and doesn't fool around on her phone the whole time! And? She's totally down to coming over once a week so Husband and I can soak in some grown up time goodness. It's literally a Christmas miracle! Anyway, she came for the second time this week so that Husband and I could eat sushi like we had never seen food before and take in a movie.
Because I was somehow unaware that Hunger Games was already out, we got tickets to see The Night Before. I totally did want to see this because I am sort of deeply in love with Seth Rogen and despite how disappointed I was in This Is The End, I still want to watch all his movies. The gist of this one is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was orphaned right before Christmas and his two buddies took him out to help alleviate his grief and be his new family. Mind you, they're a family that dabble in drugs and shenanigans, but a family nonetheless. It's about a decade later and one buddy is an NFL star and the other is about to become a dad so they're putting the kibosh on the tradition. It's one last hoorah of epic partying and even more rabble rousing mixed in with the theme of A Christmas Carol.
We saw this on opening night in a theater packed with a really enthusiastic crowd so I really think the energy helped. I have to admit, I have dabbled in some naughty behavior in my day so I could relate to the absolute silliness these guys went through. Husband and I laughed a lot. Despite the totally improbable night they were experiencing and the immature hilarity, things actually got pretty touching more than once. Plus Mindy Kaling showed up and I love her so much. There were a couple other really fun cameos and of course it's set in the amazing New York City at Christmas so I walked away with no complaints.


Busy Ass Weekend Pics!

 On Friday I had the day off with the kiddos. We went to the trampoline spot. Brilliant.
 We had a little time with "the papas" before Husband and I headed out for date night.
 Saturday morning doughnut. I love her.
 Saturday at the Zoo with Hub. Vulture saying, "Come at me, bro!"
 Saturday night sleepover with the cousins.
 Oh, iPads. Thank you for the silence.
 Sunday morning cuddle puddle.
 Then we took our kids and my nephew to Dodgers Stadium for Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day. I wept. A lot. It was amazing. 
Seeing my kids at Chavez Ravine means EVERYTHING to me. That is all.
Full set of photos can be found here
I'm so tired today. Hungover? Maybe. Also, what a weekend!!!


Blue Card!

 While I am not a huge fan of this program, the school Casey goes to hands out "behavior" cards every day. Everyone starts at green which is a great day. If they are naughty, I believe it goes to yellow, then orange, then red. We have had one yellow card. It's not what we're aiming for. However, if the kid has a super day, he gets a blue card. His teacher said if he gets 20, he can get a prize. I try not to pressure the blue and praise the green but we try and make it a big deal if he gets the blue. Yesterday he earned one and misplaced it and his day was RUINED. He was bawling in the background when I was talking to Maria.
Being the dope mom that I am, I decided to make him a temporary blue card so that his day didn't have to be so sad when I picked him up. He was SO happy with it. He told me how nice it was and asked me to hug him because it was so cool that I did that for him. He carried it around all night. I had emailed his teacher about another incident at the school and asked if he could get a replacement so I knew this was temporary.
Wouldn't you know it? In the side pocket of his backpack, I found the missing card. He said "Now we can throw away the card you gave me" and I pretended to be hurt and asked why he didn't want to keep my amazing art. He said "Well, I mean, it was nice...." but it's just not the real deal. He's so sweet. I love my little friend. I sure hope today's parent/teacher conference goes well. I'm bringing Play Doh to bribe his teacher just in case.


2 Years

Love you and miss you every day.


Weekend Pics

 Friday Night Fish Dinner
 Saturday Morning Monster
 Disney Store Dinosaur Fun
 Side By Side
 All The Time
 Best Friend Siblings In Matching Jammies
 Giant Costco Bear Love
 She Loves Babies
 Bummed Betty Begging
 Paella - Not Messing Around
Happy Birthday, Uncle & Gaga!


Haiku Friday the Thirteenth

A big selling point
For marrying my husband:
Last name was Friday
Is there any day
More anticipated than
Friday? I think not.
Trying to have fun
Since it's Friday the 13th
It never gets old.


Thankful Thursday

It's November. I'll try and catch up with a one-a-day of things I'm thankful for.
  1. Healthy, smart, adorable, fun children.
  2. Supportive, loving, hard-working spouse.
  3. Well-paying and flexible job.
  4. Friends near and far, old and new.
  5. My family, in-laws included, even though I could do without half the drama.
  6. The roof over our heads.
  7. The cars that get us to and fro.
  8. Furry pet friends that I love even if they drive me crazy.
  9. Home insurance that paid for all my flood damage and then some.
  10. My health, sure I could lose a few pounds but overall not too shabby.
  11. Money in the bank.
  12. Food in the cupboards and in the fridge.


Movie Review

You guys aren't going to believe this but we actually made it to another movie! In the theater! Ever since before Halloween, I've been wanting to see Goosebumps but I didn't want to force another kid movie on Husband. I am pretty sure I have read an RL Stine book or two in the past but I couldn't tell you for sure. I remember reading that he gave his blessing to this movie based on his writings so that had to be a pretty good endorsement, right? By a best selling author? I thought so.
Casey got super interested in monsters during Halloween and I remember watching monster movies when I was his age so I thought we should take him. Turns out, Goosebumps was way more action than horror so I made the right decision. There were a lot of laughs and quite a few times he even jumped right out of his seat. I know he likes something when he keeps talking about it and he was still talking about his favorite monster days after we saw the movie.
I know I like something when it makes me feel all the emotions. I have to admit, I was surprised by how touching this movie was. At the end, I even teared up a little over the sweet high school romance that had been brewing the whole film. Husband and I both laughed quite a bit and really enjoyed the cast. The special effects were great and the whole feel of the movie reminded me of the stuff we used to watch in the 80s that might have been a little too grown up for us at times but mostly was just a lot of fun to watch with our family. As a mom, I love seeing my kids love movies that are fun but aren't necessarily cartoons. This definitely fell into that category and absolutely makes me want to get these books to read to Casey.

"Every story ever told can be broken down into three parts: the beginning, the middle and the twist."


Free Activities Are Fun

I recently started subscribing to an email newsletter called "Macaroni Kid" that will send me a calendar of events for kids in our area. This weekend, there was a free-admission gem show at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center that caught my eye so we decided to check it out.The extra children's activities were priced between fifty cents and two dollars. The kids got to make cement, see how stones are polished, use microscopes, and play games. There was a lot of focus on fossils and dinosaurs and Casey was ecstatic. It was a very chill way to kill an hour and I was honestly surprised at how enthusiastic Casey was about everything. The funny thing about it all was that we pulled into the parking lot and it was JAM PACKED. I thought it was odd for a gem show to have that kind of popularity but it turns out the PAC was also hosting a Jehovah's Witness convention. Ha!

 For some reason this sign made me laugh.
 Casey got to sift sand to find cool fossils and teeth.
 Nothing like a stranger picking up your baby so she could feed a T-Rex a bean bag. Ha! 
 Being super scientific.
 Casey working on excavation.
 Dad jumping in to help with some of Papa's old tools.
Stegosaurus excavation! 


Weekend Cell Phone Shots

 Fridays at the park on Friday
 Reflecting by the sea
 My Saturday work sidekick, Bijard
 Pirate Park
 Bubbles at the Coffee Bean 
(Not sure if I recommend the cookie butter drink guys. Just FYI)
 Betty had lots of adventure on Saturday
The role of sushi waitress will be played by Christa, cultural appropriation at its finest.