Why Not Me?

It's taken me five months almost to the day but I finally have another book under my belt: Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me? It is very much in the same vein as her first book which was a compilation of essays so I was not surprised to find myself deeply enthralled with it. I am mildly obsessed with her, so much so that when her show got canceled, I felt very sad. People in my wee circle reached out to console me. And when Hulu picked her show up, I subscribed to it even though technology frightens me and I actually questioned if Hulu was on Netflix because I am a thousand years old and confuse easily like Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.
But this isn't about me, it is about Mindy and her lovely book and her refreshing perspective on things. It's about her ability to make me love a television program that's essentially a rom com. It's about me liking her so much I follow her on Instagram and Facebook. For a quick peek into what this book is like, click here and maybe you can see why her work ethic and sense of humor and honesty really hit me in a spot that makes me smile from ear to ear. I got sad when I read the last page because this reading experience was over far quicker than I'd wanted. Mindy Kaling is a realistic and sort of ideal role model for women and I kind of wish she was my friend in real life because she seems to like eating and dislike exercising almost as much as me. She just seems very real and down to earth and I want you to like her as much as I do.


Coodence said...

#6 on that Mindy list is brilliant:

6. Tantrum-throwing is rarely worth it.
“Throwing a tantrum feels good because you think you are ruining everyone’s good time when you feel your very worst. But the truth is, you’re not ruining their good time, you’re just giving them another good story.

Andrea King said...

I like #11 and find it to be true. Even though those that really know me know that I'm not super confident, I come across that way to those that are merely acquaintances or co-workers/peers. And I've found it hard to forge relationships with other women that don't really know me because of it. I make them uncomfortable because I don't seem to hate myself. That's gotta be it. :)