Weighty Wendesday

Okay so I'll try to do better about tracking my steps. Eventually I know I'm going to get a fitbit because carrying my phone is not an accurate count at all. At home when I am running after children and doing all the chores, I do not have my phone in my pocket. Shocking. So I have the "daily" steps and I'll do a record of my lunch walks when/if I do them.

10/14/15 - 6491 steps
Lunch walk. 35:51 mins, 2.19 miles burned 160 calories. 4704 steps.

10/15/15 - 1672 steps

10/16/15 - 1317 steps

10/17/15 - 4022 steps

10/18/15 - 4058 steps

10/19/15 - 5628 steps
Lunch walk. 35:48 mins. 2.18 miles burned 158 calories. 4773 steps.
Side note? Wasn't even gonna go. No sleep last night. Hung over. Menstrual. All bad things. But I went because Andrea guilted me into it. Now I'm drenched in stinky alcohol purge sweat and I'm shaking and feel like death but am glad I went.

10/20 - 3268 steps

Week End Summary: Weight on the scale said 224.2 just like last Wednesday. That pleases me as today is looking like the last day of my period. No gain is better than nothing, eh? I did not do as many lunch walks as I'd liked but things are messy over here right now. I had to play Mom's MRI taxi yesterday and couldn't do my lunch walk because of how much time I was already out of the office but I did do the park and went home to find a major leak in our house that led me to clean up until sweat was dripping down my back. Over the weekend, there was a lot of beer drinking but also a lot of activity so I guess things just sort of balanced out. I am starting to think of October as a dress rehearsal for real progress in November. Today I'll be meeting flood people so no lunch. Tomorrow is likely shot because I feel like construction workers are definitely going to be a huge part of my near future. Friday is the tonsillectomy. The deck is stacked against me I say! I am eating better lunches, lots more fruits and veggies and oatmeal and water. Just gotta work on that sober M-Thurs thing. That seems to be the biggun.

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