Weighty Wednesday

10/21 - 2592 steps
10/22 - 844 steps
10/23 - 3349 steps
10/24 - 3044 steps
10/25 - 4232 steps
10/26 - 513 steps
10/27 - 3393 steps

I love when I look back on these and see how little I carry my phone around throughout the day. Oh well. Weight on the scale said 223.2 so somehow I am down a pound from last Wednesday despite no walks this week. Unfortunately, last Friday I stubbed my toe in the backyard on the concrete and gave myself major road rash and can't wear shoes and have been limping ever since. Nice work, Randi. Shocking you'd have another foot injury.
There has been lots of activity around the house. I cleaned the house before my mother-in-law arrived. She is in town helping us because we thought Casey's tonsillectomy was going to keep him out of school. Luckily, that was not the case. Unluckily, we had the water damage so she is home dealing with repairmen so I don't have to miss any more work. I feel like I have been stress eating thanks to all of the aforementioned. With Halloween around the corner there has been plenty of candy lying around that has ended up in my belly. I'm not taking my one pound weight loss very seriously; likely it's a result of not being period bloated or retaining water. Like I said, hopefully I'm gearing up for a great November! Wishful thinking? Maybe.

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