Weighty Wednesday

Gotta admit, yesterday was the first day I walked since last Wednesday because frankly it's fucking hot. Poor Oxnard people that just can't cope with this weather, I swear. How people live in actual climate is unfathomable to me. Snow? No thanks. Excruciating summer heat? None for me. Give me overcast skies every day. This is actually pretty typical October weather temperature-wise but there's a humidity we are just not used to that is making everyone moody and lazy.
But back to the weight thing. Scale said 224.2 which is better than last week so that pleases me. I know that my period is just hovering here, waiting to arrive so the munchies are a real struggle as well as overall water retention. Again, I do not think the heat is helping any. I'm not giving up or looking for excuses, but they're there.
Remember yesterday when I talked about that Mindy book? In that link (that I know BFF read because she commented on it), there is a quote about weight that basically hits the nail on the head: “My secret is: Even though I wish I could be thin, and that I could have the ease of lifestyle that I associate with being thin, I don’t wish for it with all of my heart. Because my heart is reserved for way more important things.” 

With that in mind, here we go:
  • We were VERY active with the kids this weekend. Lots of park time, walking around the Highland games, swimming. 
  • We had lunch out a couple times this weekend and I got a salad once and a chicken Caesar wrap the other time whereas normally I would just carb and meat out. 
  • Sounds silly but I ordered water instead of a soft drink or a beer at Red Robin which normally I would never do. Beer on draft usually trumps everything.
  • Skipped beer on Monday, had ONE beer last night. Not too shabby.
  • Brought salads and healthy veggie snacks for work and have been snacking much less on my boss's nuts and my coworker's pretzels. Ha. Boss's nuts.
That's about that. Not perfect but I could be doing SO MUCH WORSE.

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Andrea King said...

The only thing I have found to make me stay on the exercise and eating better train? Focusing on my health versus my weight. If I lose weight, of course you know I'm happier and all of that. But seeing how much stronger I am! How much more physically capable of things that I am now! Knowing I'm in shape and healthy? That means so much to me, man. Focusing on that makes it all easier and makes me feel better about myself than if I was just dieting all of the damn time simply to look or weigh a certain amount.

Just an interjection. xo