The (Second) Great Flood of 2015

 Poor brand new bookshelves full of water
 Some of the paint peeling off the floor boards near our soaked carpet
 Our patchwork attempt at drying
 Thank goodness the heavy duty dryers were sent in
Behind the fridge, at the source

Tips for you! If you have homeowners insurance and find moisture anywhere near your home, call them first. I mean, shut off your water and start the process of drying as best you can but my homeowners insurance was ON TOP OF IT! They brought their own people to pinpoint the problem, test for asbestos and get the professional drying going. Of course, we had asbestos again but this time we at least get to avoid the tarps on all the doors. We get to keep most of our wall but they'll be removing a portion. Thank goodness no huge renovations, just a new area of drywall and some paint to touch things up. We got very lucky this go 'round. Casey can recover at home with only minor inconvenience. We get to keep our kitchen and our carpet! Repairs will be minor at best. And now I can exhale and thank my lucky stars we have a guardian angel that didn't want me to lose my mind or all my money. 

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