Lazy Weekend Pics

 Casey got his 5th blue card for being a great student.
That's his "army" hat which he proudly wore all weekend.
 We celebrated by going to a new park. I love these kids.
 Hooray for Starbucks cups filled with water, Halloween socks and a Disney Princess castle tent thing I saw at a yard sale on the way home from work on Saturday morning.
 I thought this was a werewolf. Andrea informed me it is Big Foot. Either way, Halloween Lego Minifigures are SOMUCHFUN
 We found five caterpillars on our old dead milkweed in front so we got new milkweed, put it in the backyard and moved the caterpillars to happiness. I sure hope this works!
 Rainy days are boring so Christa harassed Betty.
 Then we all harassed Casey.
And our bad behavior was rewarded with a beautiful rainbow during a sun shower.

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