Excessive Weekend Pics

 Friday at the park.
 Another Friday at the park.
 Friday night Husband and I had date night at the banquet for the Seaside Highland games. We had no business being there but Bossman kicked down free tickets so all we had to do was buy beer. And buy beer we did. And be inappropriate. And make friends with a super nice couple at a table full of randos and basically shut that place down. Because we're the Fridays.
 This guy had a badger for a purse. I asked to photograph his crotch. 
 Saturday morning bed head.
 Can't leave Sissy out...
 This little fella didn't quite make it to cocoon.
This guy wasn't dissuaded by the fact his buddy burnt to a crisp in the same general location so here he is getting ready to cocoon.
 This weekend was hot. Even by the water. Ask that crab.
 Husband and the boy. Yeah. We live here!
 Lunch on the Topper's patio.
 See? Told you he was gonna cocoon.
 A new tiny friend. I hope one of these guys actually makes it to butterfly status.
This is basically my life. In a nutshell. I'm surprised sister isn't in on these shenanigans.

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