Another "Weight" Post

After taking basically all of September off from walking thanks to some limp-inducing tendinitis, I hopped on that old horse again today at lunch. For the most part I've been doing pretty well with bringing my lunch to work but my goal of not drinking beer during the week seems to be sketchy at best. I'll be the first to admit that I've gotten way too comfortable grabbing lunch rather than head to the grocery store again to stock up on good eats. Any way I cut it, though, the lack of activity (despite how little activity I was actually doing before) has not been kind to me. This morning the scale told me I am basically full-term-with-Christa weight again only I'm not currently on the verge of giving birth as far as I know.
See that Keith Urban tank top I'm rocking? My coworker bought it for me and it's an XL. I had really hoped as I was trying it on that it would fit much looser than it did. Now it's a motivational tool. Buying size 18 jeans last month? That is motivation as well. Having my mom wonder aloud how the plus-sized pants at the yard sale could possibly be too big for me? Motivation. Having my sister-in-law say I am a "big girl" is definitely motivating me as well. There are signs everywhere but sometimes you have to get hit by one of those trucks hauling a billboard before you actually get the message.
My billboard truck happened yesterday when I dropped my mom off for an MRI. She was always a larger lady when I was growing up and now, despite significant weight loss, she's suffering from arthritis in her hip. She's never really been one to exercise or eat very well and to top it off, she's a diabetic. Having lost three members of my family in the last five years, I really stopped and took a hard look at the fact that I am not taking care of myself as well as I can and should be. How am I going to live a long and healthy life with Husband and the kids if I'm not really even putting the work in? I know I will never again be slim but I don't have to accept being this big just because I'm a mom or because I'm a woman.
I think I'll start a weigh-in Wednesday to aid me in keeping my eye on the prize. You're going to hopefully see a lot of that tank top up there and we'll watch it loosen up together. Here are today's efforts:
  • oatmeal for breakfast
  • slamming way more water than days prior
  • veggie sandwich for lunch instead of something far worse
  • lunch time walk with D totaling 5300 steps
  • making a meal plan to keep me from eating pasta every night because it's "easy"
  • hitting the market after work to stock up on the good stuff
  • if beer does happen, just one.

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