Haiku Friday

 Halloween fun times
Some ideas are better
Than others we try
 A crowded event
Made us crave margaritas
Yolanda's it is!
 Tutti loves Grandma
And she loves her costume too
Check out those bloomers!


Weighty Wednesday

10/21 - 2592 steps
10/22 - 844 steps
10/23 - 3349 steps
10/24 - 3044 steps
10/25 - 4232 steps
10/26 - 513 steps
10/27 - 3393 steps

I love when I look back on these and see how little I carry my phone around throughout the day. Oh well. Weight on the scale said 223.2 so somehow I am down a pound from last Wednesday despite no walks this week. Unfortunately, last Friday I stubbed my toe in the backyard on the concrete and gave myself major road rash and can't wear shoes and have been limping ever since. Nice work, Randi. Shocking you'd have another foot injury.
There has been lots of activity around the house. I cleaned the house before my mother-in-law arrived. She is in town helping us because we thought Casey's tonsillectomy was going to keep him out of school. Luckily, that was not the case. Unluckily, we had the water damage so she is home dealing with repairmen so I don't have to miss any more work. I feel like I have been stress eating thanks to all of the aforementioned. With Halloween around the corner there has been plenty of candy lying around that has ended up in my belly. I'm not taking my one pound weight loss very seriously; likely it's a result of not being period bloated or retaining water. Like I said, hopefully I'm gearing up for a great November! Wishful thinking? Maybe.


Weekend Pics

 This is the view from the hospital on Friday. Amazing.
 Cocoon just before it hatched.
 Husband transporting my baby to safety.
 Success! How close could I get to the butterfly? THATCLOSE
 Casey on Friday afternoon, doing super great post op.
 Little Miss Attention Seeker
 Casey playing with his gift from Grandma
 Husband having Kiyah flashbacks
 I won a raffle at the Soroptomist Bras for a Cause fundraiser. I also had three very heavily poured glasses of white wine. I think you can see it in my eyes.
 Mom won a silent auction.
This goofball. Bath time is the best time.


Casey's Okay Haiku Friday

And an adnoidectomy
Are behind him now 
He drank the syzzurp
And laughed at the bed on wheels
Gettin' high with Green Bear
 Now he is couch bound
Recovering by way of 
Jello and ice cream


The (Second) Great Flood of 2015

 Poor brand new bookshelves full of water
 Some of the paint peeling off the floor boards near our soaked carpet
 Our patchwork attempt at drying
 Thank goodness the heavy duty dryers were sent in
Behind the fridge, at the source

Tips for you! If you have homeowners insurance and find moisture anywhere near your home, call them first. I mean, shut off your water and start the process of drying as best you can but my homeowners insurance was ON TOP OF IT! They brought their own people to pinpoint the problem, test for asbestos and get the professional drying going. Of course, we had asbestos again but this time we at least get to avoid the tarps on all the doors. We get to keep most of our wall but they'll be removing a portion. Thank goodness no huge renovations, just a new area of drywall and some paint to touch things up. We got very lucky this go 'round. Casey can recover at home with only minor inconvenience. We get to keep our kitchen and our carpet! Repairs will be minor at best. And now I can exhale and thank my lucky stars we have a guardian angel that didn't want me to lose my mind or all my money. 


Weighty Wendesday

Okay so I'll try to do better about tracking my steps. Eventually I know I'm going to get a fitbit because carrying my phone is not an accurate count at all. At home when I am running after children and doing all the chores, I do not have my phone in my pocket. Shocking. So I have the "daily" steps and I'll do a record of my lunch walks when/if I do them.

10/14/15 - 6491 steps
Lunch walk. 35:51 mins, 2.19 miles burned 160 calories. 4704 steps.

10/15/15 - 1672 steps

10/16/15 - 1317 steps

10/17/15 - 4022 steps

10/18/15 - 4058 steps

10/19/15 - 5628 steps
Lunch walk. 35:48 mins. 2.18 miles burned 158 calories. 4773 steps.
Side note? Wasn't even gonna go. No sleep last night. Hung over. Menstrual. All bad things. But I went because Andrea guilted me into it. Now I'm drenched in stinky alcohol purge sweat and I'm shaking and feel like death but am glad I went.

10/20 - 3268 steps

Week End Summary: Weight on the scale said 224.2 just like last Wednesday. That pleases me as today is looking like the last day of my period. No gain is better than nothing, eh? I did not do as many lunch walks as I'd liked but things are messy over here right now. I had to play Mom's MRI taxi yesterday and couldn't do my lunch walk because of how much time I was already out of the office but I did do the park and went home to find a major leak in our house that led me to clean up until sweat was dripping down my back. Over the weekend, there was a lot of beer drinking but also a lot of activity so I guess things just sort of balanced out. I am starting to think of October as a dress rehearsal for real progress in November. Today I'll be meeting flood people so no lunch. Tomorrow is likely shot because I feel like construction workers are definitely going to be a huge part of my near future. Friday is the tonsillectomy. The deck is stacked against me I say! I am eating better lunches, lots more fruits and veggies and oatmeal and water. Just gotta work on that sober M-Thurs thing. That seems to be the biggun.


I have a hangover weekend pics

 Friday night was me and the kids and Beauty & The Beast and pizza. 
 Saturday was the Halloween Dress Rehearsal at the Disney Store. 
Batman lady. I love it.
 Here's my little Transformer.
 Campground Peacock
 My dumb brother had a road flare in the fire. Stoner.
 Sunday morning cuddle puddle
 Sissy and the CPR dummy
 My little athlete
It's a cake walk!
 Grown up fun time
 Not a growler. A crowler.
Rub a dub dub, three kids in a tub.


Haiku Friday

I'm feeling quite zen
Things are coming together
Organizing thoughts
Finding my focus
Trying to be more centered
Being more driven
It sounds real cheesy
And Sam Cooke agrees



In 1988, Ronald Reagan decided October should be National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Supposedly, today is Worldwide Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I thought I would take a minute and reflect here about the two babies I lost between Casey and Christa because sometimes I think it warrants therapy and sometimes I don't and you all know what this blog is for me so here it goes.
In December of 2009, right before we were headed to Michigan for Christmas, I found out that I was pregnant with Casey. We were ecstatic and had Husband's niece draw a picture of us pushing a carriage to give to his parents. It was a pretty rad Christmas gift. In October of 2011, when Casey was just a little over a year old, we found out we were expecting again. Flash forward to December of 2011 and we were getting ready to once again spend another Christmas in Michigan only to find out the day before we were leaving that over 12 weeks into my second pregnancy, I had miscarried. By that point we'd decided on names and were anxious to see if the baby would be a boy or a girl. Twelve weeks is supposed to be the safe number but clearly that was not the case. I had already said something about the pregnancy on Facebook and I remember silently deleting those posts, never acknowledging what had happened, relying on posts about drinking to let "the people" come to their own conclusions.
We waited quite a while to try again but in early March of 2013, after a month off birth control, I had a positive pregnancy test. I never really publicly announced that pregnancy because I was worried about hitting my safe 12 weeks again. I knew I would not have peace of mind until I saw a heartbeat on an ultrasound and worried constantly that this pregnancy would also fail. The pregnancy was considered "high risk" because of my age and because my last pregnancy had ended in miscarriage so there was an early ultrasound at six weeks. Prior to that, though, we'd had a blood draw with low numbers so there was already concern. The ultrasound just so happened to be on April Fool's Day and they found an empty gestational sac. Not the best "prank" to learn we'd lost another baby.
 I felt so many things when I lost the second baby. I felt relief like it was a sign that Casey was our blessing and that should be that. I felt like a failure because I couldn't fulfill my duty as a woman to make babies. It was awful. After the D&C that followed my second miscarriage, I was pretty firmly convinced I would get my tubes tied. I couldn't imagine surviving another loss, what that would do to me and Husband and our marriage. I scheduled an appointment to go in to get my tubes tied after the next period. Only that period never came. Husband and I had sex ONE time and I'd gotten pregnant with Christa. It was June of 2013 when I had a positive pregnancy test and I was convinced that stress had given me a false positive. What were the chances I could be pregnant again so quickly and after only one attempt!? I remember spotting shortly after and thinking I'd lost another one. We were rushed to an ultrasound and there was a penny on the floor of the exam room. I thought it was a lucky omen and we went to the ultrasound and saw her heart beating and the rest is history. I still have that penny.
Husband and I both took measures to ensure Christa would be our last child. I can't imagine another pregnancy or rolling the dice to see if another chance would be successful. When I finished nursing Christa I headed to the tattoo parlor to add her name to an existing piece I had of Casey's name under an anchor. The artist had stenciled her name above the anchor and something was missing so I added two stars to represent the babies we'd lost. It basically made it a full circle, a fitting end to this wild ride of reproduction. I wish miscarriage wasn't so taboo. I wish there wasn't such a stigma and that more women felt freer to talk about their loss and feelings of inadequacy. I'm so grateful for my rainbow baby, Christa, and that I got a chance at a happy ending but my heart goes out to all the ladies that just couldn't bear to try again.


Weighty Wednesday

Gotta admit, yesterday was the first day I walked since last Wednesday because frankly it's fucking hot. Poor Oxnard people that just can't cope with this weather, I swear. How people live in actual climate is unfathomable to me. Snow? No thanks. Excruciating summer heat? None for me. Give me overcast skies every day. This is actually pretty typical October weather temperature-wise but there's a humidity we are just not used to that is making everyone moody and lazy.
But back to the weight thing. Scale said 224.2 which is better than last week so that pleases me. I know that my period is just hovering here, waiting to arrive so the munchies are a real struggle as well as overall water retention. Again, I do not think the heat is helping any. I'm not giving up or looking for excuses, but they're there.
Remember yesterday when I talked about that Mindy book? In that link (that I know BFF read because she commented on it), there is a quote about weight that basically hits the nail on the head: “My secret is: Even though I wish I could be thin, and that I could have the ease of lifestyle that I associate with being thin, I don’t wish for it with all of my heart. Because my heart is reserved for way more important things.” 

With that in mind, here we go:
  • We were VERY active with the kids this weekend. Lots of park time, walking around the Highland games, swimming. 
  • We had lunch out a couple times this weekend and I got a salad once and a chicken Caesar wrap the other time whereas normally I would just carb and meat out. 
  • Sounds silly but I ordered water instead of a soft drink or a beer at Red Robin which normally I would never do. Beer on draft usually trumps everything.
  • Skipped beer on Monday, had ONE beer last night. Not too shabby.
  • Brought salads and healthy veggie snacks for work and have been snacking much less on my boss's nuts and my coworker's pretzels. Ha. Boss's nuts.
That's about that. Not perfect but I could be doing SO MUCH WORSE.


Why Not Me?

It's taken me five months almost to the day but I finally have another book under my belt: Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me? It is very much in the same vein as her first book which was a compilation of essays so I was not surprised to find myself deeply enthralled with it. I am mildly obsessed with her, so much so that when her show got canceled, I felt very sad. People in my wee circle reached out to console me. And when Hulu picked her show up, I subscribed to it even though technology frightens me and I actually questioned if Hulu was on Netflix because I am a thousand years old and confuse easily like Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.
But this isn't about me, it is about Mindy and her lovely book and her refreshing perspective on things. It's about her ability to make me love a television program that's essentially a rom com. It's about me liking her so much I follow her on Instagram and Facebook. For a quick peek into what this book is like, click here and maybe you can see why her work ethic and sense of humor and honesty really hit me in a spot that makes me smile from ear to ear. I got sad when I read the last page because this reading experience was over far quicker than I'd wanted. Mindy Kaling is a realistic and sort of ideal role model for women and I kind of wish she was my friend in real life because she seems to like eating and dislike exercising almost as much as me. She just seems very real and down to earth and I want you to like her as much as I do.


Excessive Weekend Pics

 Friday at the park.
 Another Friday at the park.
 Friday night Husband and I had date night at the banquet for the Seaside Highland games. We had no business being there but Bossman kicked down free tickets so all we had to do was buy beer. And buy beer we did. And be inappropriate. And make friends with a super nice couple at a table full of randos and basically shut that place down. Because we're the Fridays.
 This guy had a badger for a purse. I asked to photograph his crotch. 
 Saturday morning bed head.
 Can't leave Sissy out...
 This little fella didn't quite make it to cocoon.
This guy wasn't dissuaded by the fact his buddy burnt to a crisp in the same general location so here he is getting ready to cocoon.
 This weekend was hot. Even by the water. Ask that crab.
 Husband and the boy. Yeah. We live here!
 Lunch on the Topper's patio.
 See? Told you he was gonna cocoon.
 A new tiny friend. I hope one of these guys actually makes it to butterfly status.
This is basically my life. In a nutshell. I'm surprised sister isn't in on these shenanigans.