Scarce Weekend Pics

 Christa has become addicted to woobies. She has to have blankets and babies all the time. She cries if she doesn't have a baby with her and god forbid if we go into a store and try to leave without something if she's decided to love it. That blue kitty is a direct result of something we had to buy because we forgot the pink and purple dog in the car. She even acts like a tiny mommy to her babies and covers them in blankies and pats them. It's adorable.
 She's super into the words "mine" and "uh-oh" and making tons of face.
 "Cheese" doesn't seem to work anymore.
 It drives me crazy that Husband always has Casey on his shoulders because I think it makes Casey lazy but it sure is adorable either way.
 Missus Crazy Face
This absolutely made my day. 

This weekend was a weird one. We had a nice time visiting BFF & Company on Saturday but other than that it was not our standard holiday weekend of beer and barbecue. Gran's memorial was not very well attended so that was kind of weird and sad but I'm always grateful for the "regulars" who show up for my family for that sort of thing. My mom bought an outrageous amount of food so we have been eating and pushing leftovers like it's our job. Monday, Husband was on call so it was mostly errand running and I took the kids to the pool while he worked. Christa is fearless and Casey is getting so brave. I guess I can be grateful for the heat wave in that we are swimming lots more than any year prior.

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