Road Trip Recap - San Simeon Edition

 While we were getting ready to get on the road, Christa was taking care of her baby bear on our toilet. She's a good mom.
 Pit stop on the way north to meet the tiny ponies at Quicksilver Ranch.
 Kids being goddamn adorable at Rideau Vineyard.
 Look kids, Morro Rock! Long time in the car for Tutti.
 Seeing a beach full of seals made my life.
 Dinner outdoors at Cambria Pines Lodge
 Kids stinkin' love hotels, man.
 San Simeon Pier
 Post Hearst Castle Tour. Rewarding the kids for good behavior with new "babies."
 Note to those planning that tour with children: Bring your kids in February, when they're 20. That's Husband's pearl of wisdom. This tour is NOT for children and NOT ideal when there's a heat wave.
Pit stop on the way home was made at Figueroa Mountain Brewery in Buellton. Rad spot but no food so not super ideal. Beer was delicious. Too bad it was 103 degrees outside with no air conditioning. Whoopsie!

ALL THE PICTURES! can be seen here.

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