Mental Health Day

Some of you may have picked up on some stress on the old blog here. It's been a long time coming and I knew the answer to my problem was "me time" but I always feel a shit ton of guilt for actually giving into that need. On Monday I had kind of a rough day at work and the icing on the top of that cake was having to deal with Time Warner about reducing our services. Later that night, Husband spent an hour on the phone with a lovely lady from India who continually told him to unplug and plug things back in to get a modem to work. Clearly, that was not the answer so he threw up the white flag of surrender and told her to send a tech to the house on Tuesday morning.
Since I didn't want Husband to be late to work, I told him I'd call in late to work instead and walk Casey to school and handle Time Warner. By the time 8 a.m. rolled around, I decided to just call in sick because I figured I'd have to take back the equipment they changed out. Luckily for me, the tech took it all back when he left after effortlessly setting up our equipment so I ended up with a whole day to myself, sans responsibility. I had a nice leisurely breakfast, sipping coffee while I caught up on some reading. BFF sent me a picture of the baby and I told her I was playing hookie so she asked if I'd like to meet for lunch. I did. I did want to meet for lunch.
I got in the car and drove to Malibu alone with no weekend traffic to deal with. I watched the sunshine do a sparkling dance on the ocean on my right. I got to listen to Kanye West without fear of language or genre offending other passengers. I rapped right along with him and laughed at my white, suburban middle-aged, mother of two ass for being so gangster. I rested in the warmth of a beautiful day at a Starbucks table while waiting for my bestie and her new baby. We enjoyed a leisurely and delicious wet lunch at Marmalade Cafe. I held a baby because I wanted to. I changed that baby's diaper because I wanted to. Not because I had to. Most importantly, I was alone with my grown up friend without my own offspring or spouse to tend to.
The drive home was just as enjoyable as the trip down. I walked in the door and stripped down to no clothes and put myself to bed. I didn't sleep but I enjoyed silence. I got to enjoy the breeze blowing through the bedroom window. One should never underestimate the healing power of silence and solitude. When it was time, I went for the children and we spent a lot of time playing at the park and it was back to reality. Luckily for me, the reset button was pushed and I am getting closer to finding my way to Zen.
Me & Josephine, courtesy of BFF
 A selfie I sent to Husband captioned: BFF plus alone time equals this.
 Taken while driving past Pepperdine
Just before getting the kiddos. Relaxed? Yes.

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Ang said...

mental health days are awesome. i take them once and awhile. you need to do it more often. your husband & kids will understand.