Day "Off"

Yesterday I took the day off work and it went a little something like this:
  • Walk Casey to school.
  • Take Christa to the pediatrician. She got a shot and she's doing great.
  • Take Christa to Maria's
  • Go out to a late restaurant breakfast with Husband.
  • Go home for a wee break.
  • Walk Betty to school to walk Casey home because he had half day.
  • Take Casey shopping for back to school shoes and let him spend his gift cards so Husband can take a nap since he didn't get home from work until 4:30 a.m. 
  • Pick up Christa.
  • Meet the electrician to install ceiling fans in the kids' rooms.
  • Take the family to the park and watch Christa immediately fall and give herself a giant goose egg.
  • Go home to ice said goose egg while Husband and Casey go grocery shopping.
  • Eat dinner.
  • Walk back to Casey's' school a third time to go to back to school night.
  • Come home for bath and homework and bedtime.
  • Promptly fall asleep.
I really would have liked to have sat on my butt all day and watch terrible television and ice my foot that won't heal but instead I put 11,000 steps on my pedometer while running all the errands all over town. Who knew having kids could be so much fun. I'll be resting today at work I think.
 Goose Egg
 On the lawn with Crazy Christa
 Distracting bored children.
Gazing longingly at my boys.

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