Boob Walk Pics

BFF was headed up to Carpinteria to pick up Ang from the Santa Barbara Avon Walk for Breast Cancer so I sort of last minute decided to join her since Husband was at work. 
It was the right decision.
 The dynamic duo being good buddies and holding hands to cross the street. I don't want to force children into marriage but this had better happen.
 Watching the train go by. So loud!
 At Island Brewing Company where the baby girls decided to be buddies.
 Weirdos. On another note? Cheering for the boob walkers was so dang emotional. I was sobbing. Good work, women. Keep fighting the good fight.
 Super fun times playing arcade games at Rusty's where the pizza was delicious, the beers were cold and the air conditioner was running.
And perhaps the most important part of yesterday was that after the long drive home, this knucklehead and his sister both took naps simultaneously for like two solid hours. What the holy hell?! This never happens! I was so drunk from the silence in the house that I didn't even sleep, I just sat there smiling in the quiet. Amazeballs. 
I can feel the gloom of last week lifting as I type this.

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