Weekend Wrap Up

 Friday night brought Christine and Dalton. 
Love watching the kids play together.
 He's so cute.
 Saturday morning a tooth was lost.
 Pre-Reunion 20 years, man. Class of '95, bitches.
 36 years of friendship. As long as she and Husband were there, it was gonna be fine.
 End of the night... We may have been drinking.
 Bathroom selfie at Stiix in Ventura. Haven't shot pool there since I was about 19.
 Husband insisted I see the purple pickle picture in the men's room.
 Pre-pasta primavera and soup. At Carrow's. She's my Gran.
 Drunk waiting on our 11pm chicken fried steak and eggs. Yuck.
 Sunday cuddle puddle.
 Casey insisted on donuts. Hungover parents didn't argue.
Frosting first!

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