Weekend Pics

 Friday night at the Lazy Dog with Ethan and Gaga and my troupe. Husband worked night shift so I played single mom.
 Christa loves all dogs, living or stuffed.
 It's impossible to get a good shot of these three.
 She's so brave, you guys, and her brother is always in her space.
 She can do it herself! Adnd end up with it all over her!
 Post park refreshment before hitting park number 2! Single mom ALL DAY on Saturday. Weekend on call can suck a big one.
 Sunday was Sky High. Christa had to nap beforehand.
 Post-jump chill.
 Casey making the moves on Sasha at Institution Ale Company.
 Stealing Dad's Krispie Treat
 Passed out watching A Lego Brickumentary.
And here he is today! Age 5! Happy birthday, first born. Mr. Kindergarten. Mr. No Teeth. Love you so much I could "desplode."

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