Weekend Pics (Key Word: Hot)

 Friday after work we went to swim at Gaga's with the cousins. Gaga's house is also a butterfly sanctuary. Who knew?
 Pool? Yeah. Cuz it was HOT. Hence the Popsicle.
 And this fried little half caterpillar/half cocooon.
 Saturday Tutti passed out on the way to the zoo.
 And we got her fitted in a hat.
 Her brother, too, because hot and sunny again. Shocking.
 The penguins were hot too. Sense a theme?
 Somebody loves cheese corn as much as her mom and Auntie Cod.
Heat meant Gaga thought she should buy us a minion ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. Which I really want to call 31 Flavors. But it's not that anymore.
 Casey learned how to selfie.
 Sunday morning sunrise.
 hash tag no filter
Sunday I helped mom pack up the last of Gran's things and toss a few of them as well. My foot is still pretty badly damaged from trampolining while fat so I was pooped for the rest of the day. Lots of ice and elevation and laziness with the other Fridays. August? You were a helluva month.

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