Goods and Bads

So maybe Tuesday will be my day to vent all my garbage here? I gotta tell you, I was riding high off my super fun weekend with my family and then I got through Monday (which is always a "let's get through this!" kind of day), only to stumble into this do-over of a day.

Bad: A week from today is Casey's last day at BSA. I gotta tell you, I am really gonna miss our alone time in the car. It took talking to BFF this afternoon to make me realize that drop off and pick up car-time with him is the happiest I am all day. I'm looking forward to the transition to kindergarten.

Good: Last night I got a package in the mail from my MIL that had a book about going to school for Casey, hand made crocheted dish rags (seriously these work so good I can't believe it) for me and a stinkin' check for $100 asking that Husband and I have a date night. So nice right?

Bad: Husband crashed into Casey last night on our bike ride and damaged his leg.

Good: Casey walked away unscathed. And we're riding bikes as a family and it is super fun and cute and I love it.

Bad: Had some folks flake on the reunion and I kind of got it in my head that I have created this lameness. I'm pretty hard on myself, you know. Take on things I shouldn't and then end up taking it super personal. Bah.

Good: This thing will be over this weekend and I get to see Christine and really that's what is most important.

Bad: Gran fell out of her bed last night and now she's being moved into a 24-hour care facility. This stresses my mom out and I get to be my mother's toilet and I get angry about it and an unessential fight happens.

Good: Gran will be getting the care she needs? I guess? Until she decides to die? Still not eating. I don't get it. Also, my mom and I talked it out and tonight she's bringing my niece and nephew over and I get to have all the kiddos happy together. And free dinner I didn't have to make.

Bad: The numbers on my scale. And how my clothes fit. Having Husband basically tell me I have a "mom bod."

Good: Walking with Miss Deanna during my lunch hour. Eating well at work. Cooking my own meals at home and being more responsible about my portions. Trying.

And I'll leave this here because I want to:

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