First Day of School

 Since school is so close, we all walked there this morning.
 He was not so interested in getting his picture taken but I am the boss and I forced him to so we could have the very important "First Day of School" photo.
 Dad's showing him his name on the Kindergarten list. He was so brave. He didn't seem to mind he was someplace totally new and foreign. I admire that. I wept immediately out of his eyesight. He's nice and independent. So proud.
 Pink class! Room 5
 Here's his wee classroom. I didn't know yesterday I was supposed to bring him to this orientation because every single call said it was for parents. Newbie fail. Rookie mistake.
 Casey's new teacher Miss Nancy Guzman who swears she knows me and I know she looks familiar but neither of us can figure out why.
I was happy to see on the class roster that Sydney Friedl is in his class. She was born hours before him down the hall and her parents are friends of friends. There are also twin girls from BSA (The Zaragozas) that will also be in his class. There's familiarity there and that is rad.

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