About a week ago, my mom got back from a trip to Alaska. Casey missed her very much but he was also very excited because Gaga had brought him something. She brought him this Minion in moose ears shirt and she brought his dad that hat, which he confiscated for his own use. I think, secretly, he was a bit disappointed that it was clothes and not a toy but that's life, kid. My mom took it pretty hard because she likes to act like the children's feelings matter.

Cut to today. In the mornings on the way to daycare, Casey and I will review things like the alphabet or numbers, our address or his birth date. Lately I've been trying to teach him my phone number which is pretty easy really, lots of sevens. The last four digits are 0757 but for weeks now he has said 057. This morning, I told him if he got my phone number right I would give him a prize. He asked what I was going to give him and I said I didn't know, that until he learned the phone number there would be nothing. He replied, "Just promise me it won't be a shirt, mom. I like toys."
B-wahaha! Way to hold on to shit, Casey! You can bet your ass I told his Gaga that story and while she laughed, I think she still feels bad she brought him a shirt instead of a toy. Kids, man. And overly sensitive grandmas.

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