Weekend Pics (Key Word: Hot)

 Friday after work we went to swim at Gaga's with the cousins. Gaga's house is also a butterfly sanctuary. Who knew?
 Pool? Yeah. Cuz it was HOT. Hence the Popsicle.
 And this fried little half caterpillar/half cocooon.
 Saturday Tutti passed out on the way to the zoo.
 And we got her fitted in a hat.
 Her brother, too, because hot and sunny again. Shocking.
 The penguins were hot too. Sense a theme?
 Somebody loves cheese corn as much as her mom and Auntie Cod.
Heat meant Gaga thought she should buy us a minion ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. Which I really want to call 31 Flavors. But it's not that anymore.
 Casey learned how to selfie.
 Sunday morning sunrise.
 hash tag no filter
Sunday I helped mom pack up the last of Gran's things and toss a few of them as well. My foot is still pretty badly damaged from trampolining while fat so I was pooped for the rest of the day. Lots of ice and elevation and laziness with the other Fridays. August? You were a helluva month.


Haiku Friday

This week was crazy
Gran died on Casey's birthday
Like four days ago?
The very next day
We got a new pickup truck
Then I got a raise
It's as hot as hell
At least for Oxnard standards
Miss marine layers



Yesterday a friend of mine who works for Honda was bored at work and asked me to entertain her by filling out a credit application to buy a car. Because I didn't have much to do, I agreed. It turns out I have a pretty high credit score and she was immediately interested in making me a deal. I made an outrageous request that would rid me of the burden that was the Flex, zero money down and payments at $100 less per month than we were currently paying. To my surprise, she said she could do it. The problem was, I didn't want a Honda and told her so.
The Flex is a great car and I loved it but we had two other car payments rolled up in it and our monthly payment was astronomical. We still owed well over $12k on it. It was a 2009 with 75k miles so costly repairs would be on the horizon. It was bought at a time where I had to haggle for 5 hours just to get ripped off at the end because my credit score was probably not as great and Husband's was definitely crap. The Flex was a wee black mark on our otherwise wise decision making as far as family purchases go.
Husband has wanted a truck for as long as I have known him. Since I drive "the purple car", a Nissan Rogue I inherited from my dad, I knew the next car would have to be a pickup for him. Turns out, Honda had a used extended cab Toyota Tacoma on the lot. It was a 2014 owned by one owner who had put less than 6k miles on it. It was starting to be too good to be true so when she said she'd meet all my conditions at a monthly payment of about $120 less than I was paying, I knew we should snatch it up.
I ran the proposition past my mom and my boss and they agreed that it not only sounded too good to be true but that it would be wise to act on it quickly. Husband and I got to the dealership at 6:30 and Alan gave us the keys for a test drive. Since my father-in-law's name is Allen and that is also Husband and Christa's middle name I was already feeling good about things. Then Alan whipped out his clipboard and it had "0777" on the bottom. Lucky 7s. Another omen. The car rode great and looked brand new; I'm talking clean as whistle. The price was right and we were ready.
There was ZERO haggling so I was home at 8:30 with a practically brand new pickup. Two hours! Unheard of in car purchasing land! The burden of the Flex is gone (along with some pretty great memories). Husband has a new truck. Casey is thrilled to have a "truck like uncle" and I'm thrilled that I could make this happen. Hooray for good things. All in all, a pretty eventful Tuesday (which also happened to be the 8-year anniversary of the first day Husband and I met face to face).


RIP, Granules

Anne passed away at age 90 on August 24, 2015 at the Ventura Townhouse Memory Care Unit. She was born in Rumford, Maine on March 23, 1925 to Vittorio and Stella Vatalaro and was the youngest of 8 children. Anne was married to Christy J. from February 19, 1947 until his death in 2011. She enjoyed traveling, reading, socializing and collecting Ana Lee figures which she used to decorate for every holiday. She especially enjoyed Christmas and hosting her friends at her annual Christmas Eve celebrations. She had a quick wit and loved to laugh; she enjoyed being the center of attention, had a keen sense of style and took great pride in her appearance. Anne is survived by her daughter, Andrea of Oxnard, son, Chris of Frankfurt, Germany, granddaughter Randi (Brad), grandson Curtis (Frances), and her four great-grandchildren.
Anne’s family requests that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Premier Hospice & Homecare, 21300 Victory Blvd, Suite 640, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. We extend our gratitude to the staff of the Ventura Townhouse Memory Care Unit for their outstanding care and committed service to Anne over the last 18 months and to Premier Hospice for seeing Anne through her final days. There will be a small open house celebration of Anne’s life on Sunday, September 6 from 2-5 pm at Andrea’s home in Oxnard.

Weekend Pics

 Friday night at the Lazy Dog with Ethan and Gaga and my troupe. Husband worked night shift so I played single mom.
 Christa loves all dogs, living or stuffed.
 It's impossible to get a good shot of these three.
 She's so brave, you guys, and her brother is always in her space.
 She can do it herself! Adnd end up with it all over her!
 Post park refreshment before hitting park number 2! Single mom ALL DAY on Saturday. Weekend on call can suck a big one.
 Sunday was Sky High. Christa had to nap beforehand.
 Post-jump chill.
 Casey making the moves on Sasha at Institution Ale Company.
 Stealing Dad's Krispie Treat
 Passed out watching A Lego Brickumentary.
And here he is today! Age 5! Happy birthday, first born. Mr. Kindergarten. Mr. No Teeth. Love you so much I could "desplode."


XANAX Haiku Friday

Early period
Casey leaving his day care
And starting kinder
Gran is still dying
Casey's birthday is coming
Work has been a bear
Trying to make plans
While all things happen at once
Think I'm overwhelmed


First Day of School

 Since school is so close, we all walked there this morning.
 He was not so interested in getting his picture taken but I am the boss and I forced him to so we could have the very important "First Day of School" photo.
 Dad's showing him his name on the Kindergarten list. He was so brave. He didn't seem to mind he was someplace totally new and foreign. I admire that. I wept immediately out of his eyesight. He's nice and independent. So proud.
 Pink class! Room 5
 Here's his wee classroom. I didn't know yesterday I was supposed to bring him to this orientation because every single call said it was for parents. Newbie fail. Rookie mistake.
 Casey's new teacher Miss Nancy Guzman who swears she knows me and I know she looks familiar but neither of us can figure out why.
I was happy to see on the class roster that Sydney Friedl is in his class. She was born hours before him down the hall and her parents are friends of friends. There are also twin girls from BSA (The Zaragozas) that will also be in his class. There's familiarity there and that is rad.


Goodbye, BSA

Today is Casey's last day at day care.
No more pre-K.
No more Bright Stars.
No more mama drop off.

Headed to Kindergarten orientation soon. Hoping not to cry nonstop for the next two days.


Weekend Wrap Up

 Friday night brought Christine and Dalton. 
Love watching the kids play together.
 He's so cute.
 Saturday morning a tooth was lost.
 Pre-Reunion 20 years, man. Class of '95, bitches.
 36 years of friendship. As long as she and Husband were there, it was gonna be fine.
 End of the night... We may have been drinking.
 Bathroom selfie at Stiix in Ventura. Haven't shot pool there since I was about 19.
 Husband insisted I see the purple pickle picture in the men's room.
 Pre-pasta primavera and soup. At Carrow's. She's my Gran.
 Drunk waiting on our 11pm chicken fried steak and eggs. Yuck.
 Sunday cuddle puddle.
 Casey insisted on donuts. Hungover parents didn't argue.
Frosting first!