Weekend Pics

 This one was actually taken on Thursday but it was Christa's first visit at as a big girl to China Square. What an active dinner.
 This child killing me with her tantrums and her need to be on the table at all times.
 Popsicle mouth never gets old.
 Neither do Sunday morning selfies.
 Of children that just. can't. sit. still.
Yeah so this weekend kind of stunk. Brad was on call for 36 hours of it so there was not a ton of time for fun stuff as a family. On Saturday we worked in the garage and on the bikes and cleaned the house. Found a bit of time to swim at Gaga's pool. Sunday we ran a few errands, like to the mall to treat the kids at the Disney Store. Mostly we were just home and taking it super easy. Hit a yard sale. Spent some time napping and playing with sidewalk chalk and collecting bugs. Did some arts & crafts and watched some TV and did a bunch of reading. Christa is teething and so grumpy and Casey is just being super emotional and kind of naughty. I'm actually glad to be at work and away from ALL THE CRYING. Blech.

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