It's not too often that we will watch something on Netflix and I will feel the need to do a movie review for it but I felt Tig warranted one. Tig Notaro is a stand-up comedian who, a while back now, gave sort of an unorthodox performance where she discussed a near-death experience that was followed by her mother's death and a bilateral breast cancer diagnosis. Pretty heavy right? But Tig was able to do a very funny comedic routine about it and instantly blew up, heralded by fellow comics as groundbreaking.
I had read about this documentary a few times in EW and then Questlove put a shot of Tig on his Instagram captioned with "Her comedy clips are my cat videos. Watch them endlessly." Sounded like a good enough endorsement for me. The film is Tig's journey back to the same stage where that single performance catapulted her to fame. It gives a brief background into her childhood, her career, her unfortunate turn of events and her journey to essentially live again. She meets her person, tries finding a surrogate and basically struggles to find her place as a comedian whose comedy doesn't rely on tragedy. So, yes, she's a comedian, but she's also just an all around interesting and dope human being with a truly inspirational tale to share.
I was moved to laughter and tears several times during the 95-minute run-time. When she spoke of how her mother's sudden death impacted her life, I could immediately relate. When she spoke of why she wanted children of her own just so she could see her mother in them, just to have one last blood connection to her, my heart broke. So often I look at Christa - in particular in her eyes - and see my dad. I also related strongly to how she and her significant other came to be and really loved seeing that story play out. I highly recommend this movie. Not only was it entertaining, but it reminded me just how much I have and just how much a human being is able to overcome as long as they persevere.

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Christine said...

I'm looking forward to watching this! She's done several interview with NPR - This American Life and I've loved her bits. xoxo